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Many people believe that copier security only involves the physical paper used within each device. In reality, great copier security is actually much more complicated. Regardless of your industry, businesses regularly deal with large quantities of sensitive information. If you’re printing or copying documents like financial data, customer information, tax records, insurance forms, etc., then you need a strong copier security strategy.

Although every industry can benefit from tighter security, a few can expect even more benefits than others. Here are some of those industries:


Those in the financial industry are constantly collecting and storing tremendous amounts of private customer information including bank records, social security numbers, addresses, credit scores, payslips and more. It’s not hard to imagine the consequences of that information falling into the wrong hands. 

If you’re printing, faxing and/or sending those documents through a copy machine, there’s a higher risk of a security breach. To minimize the risk of exposure—and serious consequences— it’s critical to have a copier security strategy in place. 


No matter whether you work in a small law office or within the massive court systems, personal security is imperative for you and your clients. The legal industry also offers unique challenges in regards to copier security because of its heavy reliance on printed paper. 

At a time when most industries are quickly going digital, state and federal laws often mandate that court documents must be physically printed—not shared or stored electronically. Just think about the sheer volume of paperwork printed just for a single court case. That’s why it’s so important to instill a strong copier security process.


There is perhaps no place in which people value their privacy more than in healthcare—and that fact makes healthcare organizations prime targets for security attacks. These potential attacks could have absolutely devastating impacts on your organization’s reputation and its finances. 
Within the non-stop hustle of a busy healthcare office, it’s easy for once strong security practices to eventually slip away. Thankfully, it’s also easy to get back on track. This will be more than just a win for your patient’s privacy—by properly securing healthcare data, it’ll be a breeze to prove and maintain HIPAA compliance.

The truth is, you should be treating your copy machines with the same security approach as you would any other computer or smartphone on your network. Not only do hackers know that sensitive information is stored on those devices—they also know that many companies fail to properly protect them. This makes them extremely vulnerable targets.


The good news is that, coupled with a strong managed print partner, there are several software solutions that can solve copier security vulnerability issues. Here are some options that we recommend:

  • HP Security Manager and other OEM Security Solutions
  • PaperCut MF
  • Printer Cloud and Printer Installer by Printer Logic
  • XMedius Send Secure® and Digital Fax Solution
  • Print Audit: Infinite User Management
  • Laserfiche

One of or a combination of these solutions can help an organization comply with various security compliance standards today such as; Sarbanes Oxley, FISMA, HIPAA, FERPA, GDPR, ENISA…etc.

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