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If you're in IT, especially at a large company, you know about the hassle of print servers. There is the ongoing maintenance, regular updates, and constant stress about the server going down, just to name a few common pain points.

Now, imagine if you could run your print environment more easily and efficiently than ever before—all without needing a server. Imagine if this tool empowered end-users to take on many of the IT team's printer-related tasks as well. Just think of the extra projects that could be tackled with this additional free time. 

With PrinterLogic's Serverless Printing Infrastructure, this is a reality. Thanks to its robust, cloud-based technology, the PrinterLogic SaaS platform provides one of most exciting office innovations out there, and we're always excited when I get the opportunity to share what it can accomplish. 

A Better Way to Connect Your Printers 

Before getting into why every business should consider PrinterLogic, it's essential to know how your print server and infrastructure is set up and what are the pros and cons of different print server configurations: 

Unmanaged Direct IP
Pro: Printers are connected directly to each printer by network address, rather than through a print queue.

Con: It can be messy and time-consuming for IT to manually connected each PC to the correct printers and manage print drivers on each individual workstation. 

Distributed Print Servers
Pro: With a distributed print server, the IT department installs a single server that connects all print devices within a single office location onto a network. In many ways, this makes maintenance and troubleshooting more straightforward than with an Unmanaged Direct IP.

Con: Print servers themselves can be expensive, complicated, and do requite regular—and sometimes costly—updates. Also, if a company has several office location, this means having multiple servers to maintain.

Centralized Print Servers
Pro: After dealing with the frustrations of distributed print servers, many larger companies choose to centralize into one shared print server that hosts every printer throughout the organization. So, a centralized print server could be based in Michigan while hosting printers in office locations nationwide.

Con: Though this simplifies parts of the server system, like reducing maintenance costs, it can also create new problems. The most significant problems include the higher likelihood of WAN slowdowns and the fear that if the centralized server goes down, it'll also take down every printer connected to the server from San Francisco to Boston. 

None of these options sound perfectright? That’s why we love PrinterLogic! It eliminates the print server altogether and runs the network through the cloud so your team can more run efficiently and with less hassle. 

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How Exactly Does PrinterLogic Work? 

PrinterLogic is a centralized, cloud-based print management and console system that IT teams can use to monitor and control their office’s print devices.

It also empowers the end-users themselves to go to the interface, pick the printers, and install any printer within the network. This alone takes a massive weight off the IT department's shoulders. 

Once PrinterLogic is installed, all printers are automatically migrated and imported from the existing print servers. The IT team can then manage all print devices through the Admin Center like installing drivers or pushing out updates to the entire printer network with a single click, and without scripting or GPOs. 

All non-IT users can access a file structure that is often organized by office, department, or printer type. From there, they can choose any printer they'd like from anywhere on the network and print without the IT department having to deal with separate installations or updates. 

This is all just the tip of the iceberg regarding what PrinterLogic can do. There are other great features like:

  • Printing from mobile devices 
  • Secure pull printing via PIN or card swipe 
  • In-depth print reporting and analysis 

It’s truly an incredible, comprehensive tool that will support countless of your business’ important print needs.  

PrinterLogic Saves Time and Money 

Unsure about whether PrinterLogic not only saves headaches but can save your company money as well? Especially with what's going on in the world right now, we totally understand!   

However, unlike tools such as print reduction software with a more easily calculated ROI, the cost benefits of PrinterLogic mostly ties to the significant amount of time saved, especially within the IT team. This makes it slightly more challenging to calculate a specific estimate without talking to a print management expert first. 

Still, by looking at these stats, you can get an idea of your potential cost and time savings: 

  • The IT Department spends about 15% of its time on print-related issues 
  • Between 25–35% of Help Desk calls involve printers 
  • According to the IDC, the average support call costs about $20–25  
  • Maintenance for a single print server can annually cost up to $4,000 

Every company differs. But when you start thinking about how much wasted time and money go into print-related IT issues—and how PrinterLogic could instantly eliminate many of them—it's easy to see how this program could deliver a significant ROI fast. 

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Why Get PrinterLogic Now? 

There's always a transition period when it comes to new office technology no matter how easy it is. That's why now is a fantastic time to introduce new software like PrinterLogic. 

For one, many companies are running with fewer people in the office than usual. With presumably fewer Help Desk tickets as well, it'll be easier for the IT department to get the hang of the new program. Once everyone is back, IT can confidently teach others about the changes. 

A less busy office will also make it a good time to show a proof of concept. Fewer distractions and more time to explore the program means that now is a rare opportunity to take advantage of new technologies. 

Want to learn more about PrinterLogic? Think getting rid of print servers might be the perfect solution for your business? Talk to the print environment experts at imageOne!

In a 
quick, no-obligation conversation, we’ll show you the incredible benefits that PrinterLogic can have on your organization. 

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