The People Counter

The People Counter from imageOne is the most accurate capacity tracking technology on the market. By using infrared lasers—not cameras—this cutting-edge platform precisely monitors how many people are inside any room, building, or workspace while remaining fully anonymous. You’ll instantly enhance security, exceed safety regulations, and run a more efficient office space while saving money.

How the People Counter Works

Smarter Workspaces & Big Cost Savings

Maximize Your Real Estate

Don’t pay for office space that you don’t need. Use the comprehensive data from your People Counter analytics reports to see where employees actually spend their time. If there’s underutilized space, consider downsizing.

Design Smarter Workflows

Modern workspaces are becoming more flexible and fluid. Use People Counter data to learn exactly how and where employees and clients collaborate, work, and socialize. Then create a smarter, data-informed work environment.

Fully-Automated Functionalities

Never click that old-fashioned manual counter or waste time worrying about capacity again. Once installed, the People Counter platform is totally automated. Only focus on it when an alert comes in.

Simple Capacity Compliance

Clear Analytics and Reporting

Easily follow capacity compliance regulations in real-time for fire codes, government limits, or social distancing policies with the People Counter’s user-friendly analytics software and occupancy monitoring system.

Eye-Catching Alerts & Digital Displays

Empower employees and customers to make safer decisions with the People Counter’s bright displays. By linking the platform to any screen or mobile device, anyone can view up-to-the-second occupancy rates.

Instant Alert System

If a monitored space nears or reaches capacity, an alert will be instantly sent to anyone programmed to receive it via email, text, and/or push notification. Displays can also alert people not to enter the space until others leave.

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