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There are hundreds of millions of business printers in the world.

Less than 2% of them are secure.

Are yours?

Data Breach Vulnerabilities

Did You Know:

66% of IT managers believe their office printers contain malware.
75% of CIOs expect these devices to be the focal points of data breaches within the next few years.

imageOne can help you protect your
documents and devices.


Printer Protection

Security breaches are no longer just through PCs or servers. Hackers are now using the path of least resistance - printers and copiers.

  • Software like HP Security Manager and PaperCut helps you easily establish a fleet-wide security policy, ensures compliance, and protects your workflow. These tools also carefully safeguard information so your company, and your clientele, can feel safe and secure.

Self-Healing Printers

HP Enterprise devices can automatically self-heal from attacks. These devices provide the highest level of protection against malicious activity on your devices.

  • Through the use of embedded security features, self-healing printers can detect, stop, and recover from any BIOS attack or corruption without having to ever notify your IT department. Whenever you turn your computer on, the integrity of the BIOS code is validated to safeguard your computer from a major cyberattack.
Secure Print Release

Secure Print Release

Effective print security is more than just swipe cards. It's protecting your print job as it moves from you to the device, during printing itself, and after it's been printed. Every page should end up in the right hands.

  • Our secure print solutions place print jobs in a holding state until the user authenticates with a PIN code or badge to release the job at the printer. Feel assured that all confidential documents end up with the right person. Plus, get the ability to delete jobs before they actually print which reduces paper and toner waste.

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imageOne has been absolutely fantastic to work with. They go above and beyond to ensure that our needs are not only met, but exceeded.

Tifani VanDenBerg
imageOne has definitely been a value-add to our business operations at Crain Communications. Their team has helped us achieve a 20% print reduction by implementing a secure print solution as part of our MPS program.
Eric Walters


The imageOne team is fantastic!  Every step of our implementation was a great experience. 

Terry Strohecker


The solutions team is fantastic to work with, and made our unique PaperCut solution implementation work wonderfully.

Tim Chavis

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Does your security strategy include printers? Download our checklist to evaluate your organization's risk.    

5-Point Printer Security Checklist

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