Developing Business Friendships, with Dan Morgan

Dan has over 15 years’ experience with a diverse background working in the military, wireless, printers & I.T. During these years, Dan acquired a broad range of technical and sales skills that enables him to lead our sales team in presenting cutting edge technology solutions to our valued clients. When Dan is not directing our sales force, he enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 daughters, and doing outdoor activities such as boating and hiking. Little do people know, he was once an assistant wide receiver coach at a university in Chicago.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Dan’s two separate times in the military influenced his career and taught him valuable lessons
  • How Dan met his future wife during basic training
  • Why Dan moved to Kansas to be with his wife after he left the military
  • How Dan emotionally and mentally handled his wife being deployed, three months after they got married
  • Why Dan believes it’s easier to serve in the military than to be a military spouse
  • How Dan “skirted” graduating high school by finishing all his required courses during his sophomore year
  • How Dan moved to Florida during his high school years and lived in his car for a while
  • Why Dan’s military service was so important for his sense of purpose and his own development
  • Who Dan considers to be the most important mentors that influenced the course of his life
  • Why reading “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” was an important influence on Dan early on
  • Why the biggest mistakes Dan made were the belief that he could do anything if he worked hard enough, and not being conservative with his expenses
  • How Dan got into his current business and became VP of Sales and Marketing with TechShield 24|7
  • Why Dan believes that successful sales is a natural process
  • What TechShield 24|7 does, and how they take care of their customers with excellent service
  • Why mom and pop, medium, and enterprise business all have different needs but experience the same trouble filling those needs
  • Why the key to success lies in developing strong, lasting relationships
  • Anecdotes of exceptional experiences TechShield 24|7 has given to their customers
  • How Dan briefly served as an assistant wide receiver coach at a university in Chicago