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Print management is about more than filling printer trays with paper and ordering new toner cartridges for the office. Modern software now allows companies to implement print policies and user quotas that significantly reduce print costs. PaperCut is a popular software used by companies to monitor employee printing and encourage practical usage. 



Through strategic print policy enforcement, PaperCut allows your organization to take complete control of your print environment. Founded initially as a software company that tracks printing at universities, PaperCut has expanded to be used by thousands of organizations all around the world. 

Here are the top 4 ways that PaperCut’s many functions can help you to eliminate waste and improve your ROI: 

1. Track Usage of Any Device

PaperCut allows you to track the use of any of your printers and multi-function devices. No matter how many brands and what types of devices you use, PaperCut provides a centralized hub where select administrators can manage your entire print fleet. You will be able to track page cost, toner levels and printer status. 

2. Device Utilization

PaperCut offers audit reports that will detail any transaction that occurs in the system. That means you are able to track who printed what specific documents, the document name, the computer that was used to create the print job, and a timestamp of the print job. PaperCut establishes an audit trail that helps you to create print system transparency that encourages integrity among your team members.

3. Implement Print Policies

Should your employees be allowed to print in color? Do you want there to be a time frame when your users are allowed to print? These are some of the questions you should be thinking about before you decide to implement policies for your organization. By merely creating rules for your team members, you can reduce printing by 10 percent.

4. Secure Print Release

In most print environments, you can send print jobs directly to the device. While this makes it easy to print, it also significantly increases the amount of paper and ink you waste – not to mention all the document security issues that arise when you directly print confidential and sensitive materials. According to QuoCirca, more than 80 percent of companies report concerns about print-related data losses, with 61 percent reporting actual losses in the past year. With PaperCut, your private documents won’t end up in the wrong hands.

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