Episode 3: Yoga, Travel, and Following Your Passion with Dawn Potter

Dawn Potter is the HR Generalist for imageOne and has been with the company for over seven years. She graduated in 2008 with a degree in Marketing from Western Michigan University and joined the imageOne team shortly thereafter. She currently lives in Fort Mill, South Carolina with her husband, Ryan.

Dawn’s journey with imageOne started out in the Customer Care department, focusing on supporting our customers predominantly through our proactive toner replenishment program. She worked with IT professionals to install and troubleshoot the software applications used to manage their printer fleets. At the end of 2016 she expressed an interest in shifting gears to a role in HR. The timing was perfect as we identified a need in this area of the business and thought she would be a great fit. She brings an eagerness to learn, positive energy, and is thoughtful in developing and refining her skills to move imageOne forward.

Dawn has a passion for travel and looks forward to taking yearly trips around the world to experience different cultures, ancient ruins, and food. This year, as part of her husband’s 40th birthday celebration, they plan on traveling to Alaska to see the Northern lights and go dog sledding. Their trip will end in Colorado to try out skiing for the first time together.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Dawn focuses her mind to be the best person she can be every day
  • Why Dawn starts her morning routine the night before
  • The recipe Dawn uses to make her nutritious shake in the morning
  • The path that led Dawn to work at imageOne
  • How Dawn formed her personality as she grew up and went to school
  • Modern technology and how it makes remote working possible
  • The story behind how and why Dawn got her yoga certification and how it changed her life
  • Benefits of a daily yoga practice
  • An example showing how you can make things work to fit your lifestyle
  • Making positive activities part of your daily routine
  • How Dawn was able to serve imageOne in a new way simply by asking if she could
  • Dawn’s skill for finding the right people to bring to the team
  • The risk that imageOne is willing to take on its employees and how it worked out for Dawn
  • Dawn’s favorite travel destinations and the trip she has coming up next
  • The most influential person in Dawn’s life and what she has learned from him
  • How Dawn’s dad helped her cope with a scary experience as a child and learn not to be afraid
  • What Dawn is most proud of
  • Advice for people just entering adulthood
  • And, what the phrase “no problem, no problem . . .” means to her