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imageOne’s purpose is to deliver the X to everyone, every day and every time. What is the X? The X is genuine care that consistently drives extraordinary energy, actions, and experiences.

The power of the X is demonstrated through the Cycle of Care. The imageOne Cycle of Care is the reciprocal relationship between imageOne, its customers, and team members.

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Genuine Care 



We are open and honest, acting with integrity, humility and vulnerability
We have extraordinary execution and work to be easy, efficient, and reliable.
We care about the totality of people’s lives.


Not “work-Life” balance. . . as if work and life are two different things?! Whatever we’re doing – whatever we’re encountering – it’s life! Balance isn’t something that can be divided and quantified. Rather, it’s the unique quality of every moment. Whether we’re at work or not, we can enhance that quality by choosing to be more present.

No red tape here! Every team member is empowered to move the company forward through process improvement, vetting innovative ideas, and all company strategic planning. 

We encourage and challenge each other to reach our personal, career, and health goals.
We start every meeting with a “Meditation Minute to Arrive”.
Enjoy your birthday, Community Day, and “We Care Friday” off paid.


We all want more than just a job. At imageOne we challenge ourselves to get out of our comfort zones and continually learn, grow, and innovate.

We build trust, encourage productive debates, never miss a commitment, hold each other accountable, and concentrate on outcomes. 


We hold iO University classes, covering our foundational tools that educate and elevate the team.

We develop our team members through regular one-on-one meetings and 360 feedback discussions.

We believe in “next-level development” and support training and mentorship for team members’ growth.



“If you could get all the people in your organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry in any market against any competitor at any time.” - Patrick Lencioni, 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

Our foundational tools help foster our personal and professional growth, profitability, and our passion to Deliver the X.


We are self-aware, we self-manage, and show empathy to become a team with high emotional intelligence.

We all have a stake in the game by practicing open book management and participating in our rewarding bonus programs.

Our foundational tools foster a culture of teamwork, profitability, and passion to Deliver the X.

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