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Here’s a statistic that will blow your mind: when it comes to printers, fewer than 25% of businesses comply with standard security protocols. However, when businesses use HP Security Manager, that number jumps up to 97%!


So what is HP Security Manager, and what makes it so effective?

HP is the leading manufacturer for office printers, so you probably have at least one HP device in your office (maybe even a whole fleet!). The really cool thing about HP Security Manager is that it allows you to set your own custom template of security parameters and policies onto your print devices and creates an alert system to an administrator if there is any suspicious activity not complying with these policies.

In this case, suspicious activity can mean adding unauthorized devices, unauthorized users, or sending print jobs that may contain malware. HP Security Manager will recognize any kind of security threat, alert you automatically, and initiate any security protocols that you’ve set in place. In most cases, this means what we call “remediation,” which shuts down and reboots any potentially compromised devices.

After the reboot, HP Security Manager will rescan the device to confirm compliancy with the security policies setup by your administration team. This protects the integrity of the device as well as stopping a potential threat to your network.

HP Security Manager works wonderfully no matter the size of your company or how many print devices you have. Your IT team is already busy enough protecting the network, integrating systems, managing servers, and other business-critical tasks. Without a solution like this, there’s a very slim chance that someone is acting daily to make sure there are no threats to your printer security.

That’s why we like to call HP Security Manager the “watchdog.” It’s always keeping an eye on things for you, and if it finds something it doesn’t like, it will alert you, and remediate.

This is especially true for older printer technology that doesn’t have the “smart” features of automatic security updates. It’s not uncommon for businesses to use their printers for 5–10 years, so HP Security Manager is a great way to protect your organization from modern security threats even with an outdated device.

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