How Managed Print Services Partners Improve the Employee Experience

In today’s job seeker’s market, attracting, hiring, and retaining employees is top of mind not just for HR and recruiting but in all areas of organizations. Companies are looking for ways to maximize benefits and offer flexibility, like remote and hybrid working options, to retain their top employees. A recent study by Accenture found that a whopping 83% of workers prefer a hybrid work model. This changing environment presents not just challenges, but also opportunities for IT teams looking to support employees. The good news: companies understand the need to invest in technology that will enable their employees to work from anywhere. SHRM highlighted the areas of investment and technology tools and IT infrastructure topped the list.

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With fewer employees in the office, IT leaders may think that means less interaction and help from their Managed Print Services, or MPS, provider. But with expansive technical and process improvement capabilities, your MPS partner can help improve your employees’ lives and their experience at work in their new hybrid setup.

Quick, Safe Access to Documents from Anywhere

For companies and employees that relied on physical documents and file cabinet storage, adjusting to working from home meant adopting new work habits and processes. It also meant an opportunity to modernize workflows, reduce print costs, and create more efficient information-sharing processes. For many, these changes were made in haste as employees were thrust into new work situations without warning by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Your MPS provider can help take the remote processes you created to survive and improve upon them to help you maintain peak productivity and cost-effectiveness for the long haul. 

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MPS partners typically manage document and information lifecycles from start to finish — they’re much more than printer repair crews. A great MPS provider (ahem, like imageOne!) can help you digitize your most paper-heavy processes, provide tools to automate laborious workflows and implement software that keeps your data secure through it all.

Secure Mobile Printing

With employees working from home, dispersed workforces all over the country, and teams on the go, mobile printing is an essential feature of most modern printer fleets. This technology allows your employees to send a document to print from nearly any device, including smartphones, tablets, and small laptops.

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As much as it is convenient, mobile printing can also be risky to your network and your data. Each time a mobile device connects to your networked printer, it becomes a possible entry point for malicious parties looking to break into your network through your printers. For an IT team looking to offer this convenience to employees, make sure you have some security measures in place. For example, software like PrinterLogic eliminates your print servers, and PaperCut allows printing through a VPN. Both are great options that will enable you to keep your network secure.

While adapting to support the changing needs of remote and hybrid teams can be challenging for IT teams, it also offers companies ways to improve their employees’ overall work experience. The good news is that IT teams and leaders are not alone in making the best of their hybrid work environment. Ensuring their safety, providing access to the correct information to do their jobs, and ease of technology usage are easy ways your MPS partner can help improve the employee experience at your organization.

A 15-minute consultation with an expert at imageOne can help identify ways in which we can help digitize your document-heavy processes, enable safe mobile printing, and implement automated workplace safety technology.

In today’s job seeker’s market, attracting, hiring, and retaining employees is top of mind not just for HR and recruiting but in all areas of organizations. Connect with me on Twitter and LinkedIn and keep up with my company imageOne. Check out my website or some of my other work here.