How to Automate Paperwork and Processes for HR and Management

Our Software Specialists at imageOne are often asked:

“How can you relieve the HR burden of extensive paper files and inefficient processes that leave us struggling to complete tasks on time while staying focused on the human-side of Human Resources?”

Our answer: use document automation to automate HR paperwork process with a digital document management solution. Our favorite technology on the market today is called Laserfiche.

This software improves and optimizes many HR processes, including employee recruitment, employee relations, benefits management, travel, expenses, and more. 

Let’s take a quick look at what Laserfiche is and why it’s so powerful.

What is Laserfiche? 

Laserfiche is an electronic document management system. It includes automation tools that create online forms, reduce human error, and replace the need for paper documents that can get lost or mishandled.

In simple terms, it’s an electronic filing cabinet on steroids. It also acts as your mail courier, moving documents automatically from one user to the next in a process. It also features reporting capabilities to highlight where you can improve your processes to help meet your business goals.

Why Automate the HR Document Process? 

In the world of Human Resources, there are many paper processes that could be completed online with Laserfiche Forms, then automatically routed to an employee’s folder for secure storage. Here are a few examples of paperwork and other workflow processes you can automate with Laserfiche:

  • Travel requests and authorizations
  • Onboarding with each department tracked for compliance
  • Team member status and wage changes
  • Benefits enrollment
  • PTO requests and approvals
  • Employee reviewsimageone_CTA_6-mistakes-businesses-make-with-printers (2)

Powerful, Efficient Workflow Process

Laserfiche can make countless paper-heavy and complex workflows a breeze. One way we personally use Laserfiche is during the annual employee review process. Here’s how we do it at imageOne:

We start with the manager selecting 3-5 peers to do a review. Laserfiche sends a message to the manager. Then, the employee being reviewed and their peers fill out the appropriate form. Reminders will notify participants if the forms are not filled out on time to nudge the review team to finish a task. 

The individual reviews are automatically routed into the team member’s folder for secure safekeeping. When all the components are completed, Laserfiche combines the data into a single overview document for the manager and team member to review during their meeting.

This saves time for the manager and provides them with a single document to capture goals for the coming year. The review is electronically signed by the manager and team member, and the overview is electronically stored in the secured digital employee file.

On the back end, Laserfiche security ensures that only authorized personnel are allowed to view team member digital file folders. HR staff can see every folder while managers only have access to people on their team. 

Space Saving Capabilities

In addition to the document automation features I mentioned above, Laserfiche provides enhanced security, integrates with existing HR applications and reduces the need for physical file cabinets that take up space.

The Laserfiche repository also makes it super simple to find documents with powerful search tools. The entire system is designed to be user-friendly so anyone can learn it quickly. There’s are several integrations so you can save documents in the Laserfiche repository directly from programs like Excel, Word, and Outlook.

Paper Reduction & Time Savings

Aside from ease, document automation is great for your eco-friendly office initiatives. With your documents now digitized, paper and toner reduction will be fast and significant.

You’ll also see big time savings thanks to being able to do a quick search for your documents rather than dig through filing cabinets—or try to remember where you left that important page.

In all, businesses worldwide have experienced a great ROI with Laserfiche and document automation. We’d love to hear more about your processes to see how we can make your life easier.

If you’re interested in seeing how imageOne can help your organization save time and money while increasing efficiencies, schedule a complimentary discovery call. We’ll reach out to schedule a quick call ASAP.