Why Print Management Can Save Your Business Money FAST!

Many aspects of a company’s print process can cost TONS of money. While some expenses are unavoidable, others can be significantly reduced with a managed print service (MPS) provider who knows how to save any business money, time, and resources.

Here are ways that you can see your expenses drop with an MPS partnership:

Analyzing and Optimizing Your Current Office Print Environment

After signing on with an MPS, they’ll conduct a thorough print environment assessment to determine how many printer, copier, or multifunction devices you currently have set up around your office space. Managed print experts usually discover that a company has more machines than needed—many of which they rarely, if ever, use.

As print devices are designed to be regularly operated, infrequently used printers are a drain on a business’ bottom line. Of course, there are wasted expenses due to their unnecessary purchase—but it’s more than the upfront cost. If left unused, the ink will dry out faster while other parts like paper and rollers go “stale.” Oftentimes, IT departments will fix the rarely touched printers even more than the organization’s most popular devices.


A managed print service solves this issue by tracking which devices are operated most frequently, least frequently, and everywhere in-between. They’ll also look at how the devices are distributed around the office.

After carefully monitoring your team’s printer and copier habits, the MPS will offer recommendations to optimize your office print environment by removing, relocating, or replacing your devices.

With an improved print workflow and fewer devices requiring constant maintenance, you’ll quickly experience a speedy and substantial ROI. And another bonus—you’ll get extra office space opened up as old printers are moved out.

Bonus Expert Printer and IT Help

If your IT department is like most, it’s busy fielding Help Desk calls as job tickets pile up. Too often, those tickets involve printer issues like paper jams, toner replacement, and other frustratingly common problems. This prevents IT from tackling bigger tasks and long-term projects as they struggle just to meet their urgent and day-to-day responsibilities.

Free up your IT team’s time with a managed print partner. As certified print management techs, they can take on any print-related service call, complete all repairs or troubleshooting, strategize the best course of action, and resolve issues. Some of the most common issues that managed print tech teams typically handle include:

  • Printer Repair
  • Device Installation
  • Regular Updates
  • Network Connection Issues
  • Server Errors
  • Faulty Power Supplies
  • Toner Refills
  • Paper Jams
  • Document Security
  • Software Upgrades

All tasks can be completed alongside your own IT department. Everyone works together to find the root cause and resolve it efficiently. Think of it as supplemental tech assistance that allows your business to run more smoothly.

Solve Printer Problems Before They Start

Most print issues that are called into the Help Desk can be completely prevented. But with an overloaded department, techs are usually forced to fix problems as they occur—called reactive service—rather than invest in the time and resources to stop them before they start.

Stop being on the constant offense by trusting the proactive service of a managed print company. With additional time, resources, and expertise, they can catch potential issues before they snowball into something major.


MPS providers have monitoring tools and software solutions such as Infinite Device Manager (IDM) or Web JetAdmin (WJA) that can resolve a print problem before the end-user even knows about the issues. These tools gather information from printers in real-time and relay the data to a print management team. If toner is low, a device jams, or a network suddenly goes offline, the team can swiftly respond.

Cost Saving Print Programs & Software

Proactive office print strategies save money by integrating tools and software solutions that empower end-users to make smarter print choices. Some of these tools, like PaperCut, will analyze the specific job before it’s actually sent to the printer.

With PaperCut, when a user clicks “Print,” the software examines everything about the job including who is printing the job, where they’re sending the job, what exactly the job entails (Is it color? Duplexed? Black and white?), and more. This offers valuable analytics so that an organization can make better decisions for its print process and environment.

Even better? Based on the desired job, PaperCut can take this information and send the user a pop-up message that advises them to make a smarter print decision. One popular example: for large jobs, it’ll suggest—or even require—that users select the duplex (or double-sided) option. Or, it could ask users to print all emails in black and white vs. color. Just these small encouragements can easily add up to thousands of saved dollars every year.

These are just some of the countless, fully customizable possibilities with PaperCut. To learn more, check out our blog: How PaperCut Can Cut Print Costs, Reduce Waste & Secure Your Business.

Enjoy these incredible cost-cutting strategies and SO much by partnering with a managed print service like imageOne. Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation call today and learn how we can save your business money and help it run more efficiently than ever!

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