If you’re an IT or business leader, at some point you may find Managed Print Services (MPS) to be a valuable resource in maintaining and growing an efficient, cost-effective IT department.

What are Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services (MPS) include the provision of external services by a managed print service provider that involve maintaining print and multi-function hardware, consumable supply management (such as toner) and device placement consulting services.

These services are implemented as a supplement to your existing IT infrastructure to keep print devices running efficiently and cost-effectively; and they’re designed to free up your IT department’s time and resources, while ultimately reducing print-related costs.

A true Managed Print Program should be customized to your specific needs and pain points.  No IT support team or printer fleet is identical, therefore, no MPS program should be “cookie-cutter.”

Consider MPS as a broad spectrum of services, ranging from an extension of your Help Desk to a full-time, onsite dedicated MPS Technician.   

What types of organizations utilize MPS?

Managed print services are attractive to most enterprise businesses because of the potential cost savings and added support to manage the higher quantity of user groups and placement of physical devices; as well as the amount of time and IT resources needed to support these devices.

Small to mid-size organizations can also benefit from the additional support, allowing them to grow with less overhead expenses. Overall, any organization who engages in high-volume, in-office printing can benefit from the right MPS program.

Getting started with MPS:

A MPS engagement typically begins with a Discovery Meeting with a MPS provider so they can learn about the makeup of your existing fleet, and your vision and goals for the future; as well as your general purpose for print and how well the existing devices are currently being managed. 

Most MPS providers will conduct a complimentary, comprehensive Print Assessment to uncover your specific wants/needs before proposing a customized solution.  A few key challenges often discovered during an assessment (and solved with a good MPS provider) are:

  • No visibility of total cost
  • Costs to print are high
  • IT involvement is high
  • No security
  • Inconsistent service experience
  • Supply management headaches
  • Unnecessary print/waste
  • No real support partnership

A customized and thoughtfully designed Managed Print Services program should ultimately provide you with complete visibility to the cost of print, a guaranteed time and cost reduction benefit, efficient supply management and reliable service delivery. Page reduction programs can also be considered, which add additional cost savings while reducing your needs for paper output and physical devices.

A progressive MPS provider will also provide and support additional software solutions geared toward the areas of Security, Mobility, Document Management and Process Automation. If you’re interested in learning more about optimizing your organizations’ printer security, please schedule a complimentary discovery call by completing the form below.


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