Creating Print Workflows To Boost Security And Efficiency: A Blueprint

As businesses continue to develop automated machines capable of making work more efficient, the ways in which we spend our time at work will change as well. When you automate everyday tasks in your IT department, you enable your employees to focus on more pressing issues.

Although the initial cost of investing in automation may be a deterrent, embracing technology and automation almost always improves efficiency and boosts profit over time.

At imageOne, we help you to bring this kind of efficiency into your company’s print processes. The imageOne approach helps your business run more smoothly through the creation of more user-friendly workflows that automate the tedious activities you’d rather individuals in your department not spend their precious time doing.

Today we’ll outline the three steps of imageOne’s workflow process, and tell you how it helps boost your business’s efficiency and security.

mistakes with printers

1. Create and Capture

Our first stage in developing or redeveloping a print workflow is document automation and Create and Capture. At this point, we’re looking to create files, input information, and digitize and convert documents. Laserfiche builds document management and business process automation software that ensures that your business’s printing and document storage workflows are optimally secure and efficient.

By investing time at the beginning of the process to digitize documents and add them to the workflow, you’ll maximize efficiency over time and greatly make up for the initial investment.

For example, if your business usually provides potential job applicants with paper applications, digitize the application document. Next, you’ll create a web form that an applicant (let’s call her Andrea) can easily access from your website.

2. Manage and Store

Protect and archive your documents in the Manage and Store phase of imageOne’s workflow process. In this stage, the imageOne solution will send your documents through their respective workflows, protecting and potentially archiving them for future retrieval.

Best of all? Security is optimized because all the relevant information from each stage of the workflow is available on the same secure digital platform, rather than being scattered in printed files across multiple offices.

To carry on the above example, your workflow
(built using any of Laserfiche’s 150+ drag-and-drop activities) takes Andrea’s information from the webform and automatically delivers it to the human resources department. Lucky for Andrea, HR approves her application, and the workflow automatically sends her information directly to the hiring manager for final review.

Security Checklist Graphic-01

3. Retrieve and Deliver

In the final stage of imageOne’s workflow process, our solution will enable you to easily distribute, publish, print, and analyze your documents and workflows.

For example, if the hiring manager approves Andrea for the job, her application will automatically be printed from the second-floor printer, and, after jotting down a few notes, the manager will store it in a folder to reference on her first day.

Note, that your selective, secured, and streamlined workflow ensured that only the most relevant information was printed and sensitive information was kept safe. Over time, you will accumulate enough data about your workflow to analyze its effectiveness and identify opportunities to increase efficiency.

By building workflows that maximize efficiency and security, your business is taking a big step to improving your overall print security, and we’d love to help you get there! In a 10-minute, zero obligation chat, we’ll discuss smart strategies, tools, workflows and more that’ll save you time and money.