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Many businesses overlook partnering with a managed print service provider, or MPS, because it sounds like one more added monthly expense. It’s not cheap to run a company, so why pay extra for a separate print maintenance team? 

What if we told you that an MPS could actually save your business not just the hassle of maintaining your printers—but also actual print costs? These print experts are dedicated to finding you the lowest print prices possible and designing a streamlined process that saves time and money.

See How Much You Can Save

Here are six ways that a managed print service can lower your print costs:

Smarter Print Reduction Software Installation

No one has better access to cost-saving software for print devices like a managed print service. From print reduction tools to security upgrades, MPS providers contain in-depth software knowledge and can help your team efficiently implement them. 

In addition, an MPS team can train your team on the software’s best practices. They can also offer wisdom about which particular features would be the most valuable to your team—and which ones are worth skipping.

PaperCut is one of the most popular cost saving tools. With PaperCut, companies have the ability to enact hundreds of print rules. Many of these rules were specifically created to save on print costs. 

In one popular rule, employees will receive a prompt upon clicking print if they’ve selected certain actions like, for example, printing an email in full-color. Then, the prompt would ask the employee if that email really needs to be in full-color, or if they could instead switch it to black and white? It can even mention how much they’d save by making a different decision!

PaperCut can also require all print jobs to be released at the device itself. A decline in print occurs here as employees now think twice before pulling each print. With this two-step process, they can easily cancel a document that they printed by mistake or realize they didn’t really need at all. If the page is never pulled, it’ll later be deleted.

With PaperCut alone, customers often see about a 10–25% reduction in print. Though not typical, some have experienced up to 40% reduction. It’s a software solution that quickly pays for itself.

Get Regular Reports

Before making substantial changes to anything in life, you need to know where it all began. This applies to print workflows as well.

A managed print service provides your company with an in-depth print environment analysis at the beginning of your partnership. They’ll also diligently follow your progress to ensure you’re meeting your goals and staying on track.

With each report, you’ll see statistics, charts, and data including your overall print spend, how many print jobs were released, the amount of money saved, month-to-month comparisons, trends, whether you’re set to meet your goals, etc.

Now, it’ll be easier than ever to measure your success, and accurately plan for the future. 

Expert Print Savings Strategies & Solutions

How often do you really think about ways to save on printing? When’s the last time you put any ideas into action? If the answer is rarely to never, that’s okay! After all, there are only so many hours in the day.

That being said, MPS providers proudly do it every day—and they’re committed to sharing that wisdom with customers. 

For example, do employees understand how much each printed page costs your business? Have they been instructed on when to print color vs. black and white? Or, when should they print documents one-sided vs. two-sided?

These are just three of the countless print decisions your team faces every day, and each one impacts the bottom line. An MPS team will not only guide you in how these decisions affect your costs, but they’ll also offer solutions on keeping those costs down.

Pick the Best Device For Your Business

An MPS provider can also offer recommendations on replacing current devices with more cost-effective options. Maybe your company chose to install a printer made for lower print counts or low toner yields to save money. However, if your company requires heavy print use, you’re essentially throwing away cash.

Sure, you might save upfront. But in the long run, the price of constantly repairing or replacing devices damaged by overuse will add up to far more than paying for the proper piece of equipment. Also, if the upfront cost is a factor, your MPS provider can set up a print leasing agreement so your business can install the ideal printer or copier without breaking your budget.

Go More Digital

Managed print service providers aren’t all about paper. More than anything, we consider ourselves experts at designing efficient office workflows. We’re also excited to keep up with the quickly changing tides of technology. That’s why an MPS partnership is ideal if you’re looking to print less and create an increasingly electronic workflow.

The managed print services industry has embraced these incredible new digital solutions designed to move away from paper altogether. By analyzing your current workflow, we can uncover areas that are excessively paper-intensive and help you find a better, paperless process.

We can also introduce you to innovative programs like Laserfiche, which essentially re-engineers the paperwork process into an entirely digital format. Soon, many of your hard documents—and the costs that go with them—will be a relic of the past.

Ready to reduce print costs at your company? Then call our trusted, reliable managed print team at imageOne! Schedule a free, 15-minute Discovery Call today.

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