Office Tech Solutions for Safe Workplace Re-Entry Post-COVID

If you’re like most businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a swift and resounding change to your office’s life as you once knew it. Suddenly, previously packed buildings sit empty out as millions of employees adjust to working from home.   

Though the pandemic hasn’t ended, more businesses are eager to find ways to get back inside the office while keeping everyone healthy. Undoubtedly, devising safe ways to re-enter the office poses significant new challenges. However, there are fantastic, innovative solutions that can keep your team, your customers, and your community safe and secure.   

Here are some of our favorite tools and technologies made to significantly reduce the chances of spreading germs while at work.   

4-in-1 Sanitation Station


Ready to stop not just COVID-19, but any number of viruses and germs at the office door? Then don’t miss the 4-in-1 Sanitation Station. In one place, everyone who enters your building gets:  

  • Touchless Temperature Screening  
    Don’t risk allowing someone with a fever into your business. In seconds, this device takes the temperature of those entering the office and alerts you if the reading is too high.

    The touchless screener also eliminates the need for a staff member to check temperatures which frees up their time and keeps them safe.
  • Corporate Updates via Digital Display 
    From safety instructions to event announcements, keep your team informed with this high-resolution digital display. Upload your own messages, videos, slideshows, etc. remotely anytime, and update all devices company-wide instantly.
  • Automatic Hand Sanitizer 
    Make sure everyone who enters has taken every precaution possible with a quick spritz of sanitizer.
  • Self-Service PPE (Masks and Gloves)
    If someone forgets to bring a face mask or gloves to the workplace, they can easily grab one from the safety device.

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Temperature Screening Kiosk  


Go beyond a simple temperature check with this fully automated, touch-free system. The kiosk also takes safety to the next level by ensuring that everyone who enters has been previously approved to do so via card swipe and/or facial recognition technology.

Here are more details about the temperature screening kiosk:  

  • Employee and Guest Check-In  
    Enhance your team’s safety by closely monitoring who is coming in each day. The identity of everyone who uses the kiosk will be recorded for easy tracking and reporting.
  • One-Second Temperature Check 
    It doesn’t get faster than this. In an instant, everyone who uses this kiosk will have their temperature checked and recorded. If the reading is too high, they will be barred entry into the office. 
  • Facial Recognition (Optional)  
    By using facial recognition technology, verify thousands of identities for vetted individuals who are approved to enter. You can also keep track of who comes into the office with reports and analytics. 
  • Verbal and Digital Display Updates 
    A crisp display screen plus verbal commands instruct users on how to use the kiosk. Now, an employee doesn’t have to waste their time telling everyone who enters how to work the device.

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Display  


Make it easy for anyone within the office to regularly kill viruses, bacteria, and other germs by strategically spreading hand sanitizer dispensers throughout your business. Popular areas include all entry points, outside of bathrooms, near conference rooms, and by the elevators. Here’s more about the product:  

  • Touchless Functionality 
    With motion-sensing technology, users just need to place their hands under the dispenser to get a squirt of hand sanitizer. 
  • Bulk Sanitizer Saves Money 
    Cut business costs by buying sanitizer in bulk packaging rather than purchasing tons of smaller bottles that waste plastic and must be constantly replaced. 
  • Versatile Set-Up Options 
    The device can be attached to the wall or on a lightweight stand that can be easily moved to wherever it’s needed most. 
  • High-Quality Digital Display  
    Make sure everyone within the office is fully informed about safety procedures, upcoming events, announcements, and more. The display content is managed remotely and can be changed throughout the office in seconds. 

Smart Lockers


As more people split time between working remotely and working from the office, there’s a greater desire for the safe storage and sharing of materials, equipment, paperwork, etc. Smart Lockers make this easier than ever!   

They’re perfect for keeping items secure until the next user has permission to pop open the locker automatically via the Smart Locker app and access whatever they need. Here’s more about what Smart Lockers offer:

  • App-Enabled Barcode Scanning  
    Everything for this device can be controlled via a handy app on your smartphone. Schedule who can open a specific locker. Assign permissions. Open up the locker without touching anything but your phone. These are just a few things that you can do with the Smart Locker app.  
  • Delivery Confirmation 
    Is your IT or HR department splitting their time at home and at the workplace? With the Smart Locker, a remote team lead can allow for a team member at the office to have access to a confidential document or expensive device stored in the locker. Once they pick it up and later drop it off, the team lead will be notified so they know the item is safe and secure.  

Digital Communication Board 


Today, communication is more important than ever. From changing health precautions to new re-entry procedures to big announcements, businesses need to ensure that every employee is on the same page.  

With top-quality digital screens, communicating with your team will be easier than ever. Stop redesigning, reprinting, and reposting new paper signs every time things change. Instead, with one click, you can instantly update each sign within your company. 

Here are other great features of the Digital Communication Board:  

  • Manage and Schedule Remotely  
    Refresh old content from anywhere in the office—or even from home! All you need is a user-friendly program that’s included with the purchase of the signage system. 
  • Easy to Move and Store  
    The sign quickly folds flat which makes it easy to move and store when not in use. 
  • Versatile  
    The Digital Communication Boards are made for interior and exterior use. Put it outside to catch people’s attention!

    Though most attention is currently on keeping everyone in the office safe during the coronavirus crisis, these eye-catching signs will be effective communication devices long after the pandemic is over.

We know how important health and productivity are to your company and its leadership team. Start taking more smart, proactive steps towards maintaining a safe work environment for everyone by introducing innovative solutions and strategies today.  

Want to learn more about imageOne’s line of Innovative Office Safety Solutions? Click here to schedule a short call with one of our experts. We’ll help you discover if any of these fantastic devices would fit into your organization’s “Re-entry to the Office” strategy. We can’t wait to chat!