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What are Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services (MPS) include the provision of external services by a managed print service provider that involves maintaining print and multi-function hardware, consumable supply management (toner), and device placement consulting services. Our “What are Managed Print Services?” blog will provide you with more details about MPS.

What’s involved in a MPS Quote

First, a MPS provider will typically perform a comprehensive print assessment to fully understand your environment, device locations and monthly utilization. The assessment may also uncover end-user or department needs that are not currently being met with the existing print management strategy. Next, you can expect to receive a pricing proposal in a format customized to your exact printer fleet makeup and utilization.

Typically, there are two components to a Managed Print Program: 

  1. The acquisition cost for the hardware (printers, multi-function devices, etc.)
  2. The operating cost or “Managed Print Services” program (toner, repairs, parts, etc.)

It’s common practice for the MPS provider to submit pricing in various formats, based on your preference and the results of the print assessment.

Some examples of these formats are:

  1. Hardware Only (purchase/lease): you may purchase new equipment via a capital expenditure or rental/lease agreement with a 3rdparty finance organization.
  2. MPS Takeover (no new hardware): No changes or hardware refreshes are needed, MPS provider implements MPS on the existing environment “as is."
  3. Blended Hardware/MPS: MPS Provider offers a base or monthly flat rate including the equipment cost plus the Managed Print Services. 

What does the quote cover?

Most MPS programs cover the cost for all consumable items (toner, drums, waste kits, etc.), service and maintenance and parts.  The typical billing mechanism is a “Price Per Page” model.  The customized MPS rate is determined by the type of devices in the fleet (manufacturer & models), the monthly usage for mono and color, and the device operating locations. 

You’ll receive a monthly or quarterly invoice including the agreed upon “base amount”, plus any overages or extra pages used for that billing period.  If the hardware is included in the MPS rate, that amount is always billed at the minimum, even if the actual usage does not meet the minimum, to cover the rental costs of the equipment for that period.

A good MPS Provider will meet with you on a regular basis to review and ensure that the devices are being utilized properly, and the right devices are in the right places based on the highest monthly usage and lowest operational costs.

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