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Let’s start this blog post off in the best way we know how—some math.

One tree can produce over 8,000 sheets of paper, but those sheets go fast. The average office worker prints around 10,000 pages per year. Multiply that by how many employees you have—and that’s a lot of trees.

Encouraging employees to print less is no easy task. We love Earth. But it's also convenient to print out physical documents rather than train entire teams on how to engage in smarter digital practices.

There’s just something about that paper experience. Putting pen to paper. Turning a page. Crumpling paper. The smell of the ink. It's a habit we've engaged in for decades, and paper will continue to be an office staple for decades to come. 

However, organizations still consume more than is needed, especially since new digital document tools have emerged. Also, to keep up with the competition, it's essential to integrate paperless document options. It's a perfect first step towards your digital transformation strategy.

Today, there is a plethora of amazing digital technology at our fingertips, many of them free or very affordable. It's easier than ever to reduce office paper waste. Here are some of our favorite green and earth-friendly tools:

Amazing Digital Editing Tools

Need to do a close read for some serious reviewing and editing? It’s tempting to print those pages, grab your trusty red pen, and settle in for some editing. For many of us, this is how we've been checking documents for years.

But this method creates rapid, and unnecessary, paper disposal. For many projects, countless versions are printed and marked up before the final piece is ultimately produced. This kind of waste goes against three things any business should hold dear: efficiency, cost reduction, and waste.

Instead, start editing documents using digital methods that actually make collaboration faster and easier. Our two top picks for this is Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365. Watch these videos that explain how our favorite real-time collaborative editing tools work:

Google Docs:


Microsoft Office 365:


Read and Publish Documents Digitally

Online Magazines

Check out issues of your favorite magazines on a digital platform like Issuu. There’s just something special about actually turning a page. That's why Issuu has lets you relive that feeling with page-turning animations you won’t be able to stop playing with. 



For an easy way to create easily shareable digital documents, start getting into the habits of making PDFs. You usually don't even have to dig into the Adobe Acrobat program to do so. Many software and applications including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint allow users to export a PDF in seconds.

printer mistakes checklist

Plant a Tree When You Print 

Even if your team adopts all of these digital tools and more, printing out actual sheets of paper will be integral to the office space. Still, it's impossible for even the most print-heavy workplaces to minimize their environmental impact with fantastic programs and software solutions like PrintReleaf.

With PrintReleaf, you'll automatically help to reforest the planet based upon your office's paper consumption. For every 8,333 pages printed, means one tree will be planted in your organization’s name in the reforestation project of your choice. 

Interested in learning more about these tools or other smart ways to go digital and save on paper AND overall costs? Let's chat! We'd love to dig into how your team can make a positive impact on your business and the world.

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