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Let’s start this blog post off in the best way we know how: with some math problems.

One tree can produce more than 8,000 sheets of paper, but those sheets go fast. The average office worker prints around 10,000 pages per year. Think about how many employees you have and do some quick math—that’s a lot of trees, right?

Let’s face it: encouraging employees to print less is no easy task. We love the earth, but we also love taking notes on a Powerpoint presentation printed in full color with one slide per page.

But there’s something about that paper experience—putting pen to paper, turning a page, crumpling a few pages out of frustration, the smell of the ink on a freshly printed page (no? just me?). Share these earth-friendly tools with your team to help them get that same paper experience without chopping down a tree.



For the editor

When you need to do a close read, it’s tempting to strike Ctrl + p, grab your trusty red pen, and settle in for some editing. But printing a few pages, marking them up, and then making those changes in the digital document goes against two things we hold dear at imageOne: efficiency and print reduction.

Instead, try a few of our favorite real-time collaborative editing tools:

Google Docs:

Office 365:



For the notebook aficionado

If your piles of used Moleskines are slowly taking over your life, you have to check out this microwavable reusable notebook. Once you’ve filled it up with brilliant ideas, instead of carefully placing it atop your teetering pile of past notebooks, just throw this one in the microwave for 30 seconds and voilà: fresh notebook! Seriously.

P.S. Did we mention this notebook also makes it easy to save all of your notes in the cloud?



For the reader


Check out issues of your favorite magazines on Issuu. Yes, we know, there’s just something special about actually turning a page. Issuu’s got you covered with page turning animations you won’t be able to stop playing with. 




You thought we were just going to recommend a Kindle, didn’t you? Well, you’re half right. An e-reader is a great way to access an entire library of books on one small device and easily bring them along anywhere. But there’s a certain romance to curling up with a good book that you lose with an e-reader. So, to recreate that beloved experience, check out this list of book-scented perfumes and candles to set the literary mood.

book-scented candles? definitely.


Neutralize your enviromental impact. 

Even if your team adopts all of these digital tools and more, they’re still going to need to print from time-to-time. imageOne offers a software solution, PrintReleaf, that automatically reforests your paper consumption. Every 8,333 pages printed means one tree will be planted in your organization’s name in the reforestation project of your choice. 

Drop us a line to earn more about PrintReleaf and imageOne’s entire print and process software suite.

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