3 Tools and Software To Jumpstart Digital Transformation at Your Business

Digital transformation isn’t just a snappy catchphrase. It’s a fantastic strategy that every business should, at least slowly, be working to achieve. If you’re not familiar with the term, launching a digital transformation entails upgrading your office environment from outdated analog systems into a modern, streamlined, and digitized workplace.

In short, say goodbye to paper-heavy processes and excessively wired devices. It’s time to greet document automation, cloud-based technology, and wireless mechanisms. With these enhancements, you’ll quickly see big savings in both time and money.

How to Start a Digital Transformation Strategy At Your Organization

Especially for business leaders and busy IT departments, rolling out a digital transformation strategy can sound overwhelming. With about 10,287 things already on the to-do list, where can a tech team find time to integrate new digital technology—and then actually teach the entire organization how to use the tech tools properly?

It’s a fair question. No business digital transformation process happens overnight. However, launching a new digital technology strategy is likely more manageable than you think.

First off, be sure to carefully research each potential product before officially committing. Talk to their reps as well. By only choosing reputable and robust tech brands, you can rest assured that their onboarding or customer care team will guide you along the way. It might cost a little more, but it’s worth it.

Additionally, don’t feel rushed to implement everything at once. Even a single solution can be rolled out in phases, each step inching you closer to a real transformation. Just do your best to create a solid roll-out strategy and schedule to help your team stay on track.

Better yet, partner with a third-party solutions service (like us!) and experience unparalleled support from discovery to implementation to team training. With a solutions partner, you’ll have a reliable team of experts guiding you the whole way. They’ll help you choose the right programs and strategies to ensure that your digital transformation is speedy and successful.

But honestly, few digital transformation components are more critical than choosing the right software and tools for your business. The options can feel so overwhelming that you find yourself putting digital upgrades off another year—and then another.

Put your transformation off no more! Here are our three favorite tools and software that nearly any company can trust to make an incredible difference in no time:

PaperCut for Print Spend Reduction

Currently used by more than 50,000 businesses worldwide, PaperCut is a fantastic first program to kickoff your digital transformation plan. Versatile and robust with a speedy ROI, PaperCut stands out because of its simple installation process. It’s also easy for nearly any employee to understand with minimal training.

So, what exactly does PaperCut do? With hundreds of functionalities, PaperCut has far too many features to list them all. Here are a few client favorites that offer an immediate impact on your current workflow:

Pull Print Feature: After sending out a job, users must verify the job at the print device itself before it’s released from the Cloud to print physically. Typically, the verification occurs via a card, dongle swipe or a PIN code.

Paper reduction and cost savings are the primary advantages of a pull print system. The extra step forces users to think twice before choosing to print a page. Also, think about all of those forgotten sheets that end up in the recycling bin. With pull print, if someone sends a job to the printer but never goes to release it, then it’ll stay in the Cloud and later be deleted before a drop of toner or paper page is wasted.

Print Security: PaperCut’s pull print feature also boosts your company’s data security. No longer worry about sensitive materials sitting unattended in the paper tray. As the specific user has to be at the device to release the job, confidential information will always end up in the right hands.

Pop-Up Alerts: With the pop-up alert functionality, admins can program rules or suggestions that encourage smarter print etiquette. Popular rules include requiring large print jobs to be printed double-sided or asking a user if they really need that email to print in full-color.

print-policy-alert Example of a PaperCut Pop-Up Alert

Tracking & Analytics: If you’re in IT, then you know the importance of good data. With PaperCut, you’ll get unparalleled insight into every aspect of your office print environment. Track the activity of every print, copier, and multifunction device connected to your network in real-time.

You’ll also receive detailed, comprehensive, and customizable print logs that will break down exactly where and how every page and penny is being used. PaperCut offers you a new level of print spend and activity transparency that’ll help you make smarter, more informed decisions about your office print strategy.

Learn more about PaperCut in our blog: How PaperCut Will Cut Print Costs, Reduce Paper Waste & Secure Office Printers.

PrinterLogic for Serverless Print

It doesn’t get much more transformational than eliminating annoying print servers for good. And with cloud-based PrinterLogic’s serverless printing infrastructure, your team can finally do just that.

The PrinterLogic SaaS technology offers IT departments with the newest generation of office innovations. By running the printer network through the cloud, it eradicates the need for physical print servers. This creates a seamlessly streamlined experience so that your team can run more efficiently and with less hassle.


How PrinterLogic’s Serverless technology works

PrinterLogic is also a massive time saver as end-users can now choose and install any printer on your network. It also will automatically migrate and import every printer from your existing servers. IT manages the devices from a central Admin Center where they can install drivers, push out updates, and more with a click—no scripting or GPOs necessary.

Employees outside of IT can also access the file structure with PrinterLogic. They can choose printers from anywhere on the network that they’d like to print from without IT taking precious time out of their day to install or update anything.

This all just scratches the surface of PrinterLogic’s capabilities. Learn more by checking out our blog: Eliminate Print Servers and Go Cloud-Based with PrinterLogic to learn more about the program.

Laserfiche for Document Automation

Few initiatives can have a more significant impact on a business like document automation. It not only benefits the IT department (saving time) and the bottom line (saving toner and paper). Employees will experience a smoother, easier, and more efficient workflow as transitional paper-heavy processes become digitized across the organization.

Laserfiche is a leader in the document automation space and currently serves companies in over 80 countries. In essence, digital documents like new hire packets, PTO requests, and HR forms are now stored within a secure, cloud-based filing system.

6-mistakes-businesses-make-with-printers (1)

Once launched, digitized documents are placed into an automatic workflow and distributed, verified, and submitted with a simple click. Users can also be assigned tasks that will keep track of where a document is within a workflow. If a user runs behind, an email alert can remind them to complete a task.

Another massive advantage behind Laserfiche is its versatile and customizable interface. The program was designed knowing that every company has unique needs and systems. From drag-and-drop form builders that anyone can master to settings that allow for customized coding for the experts, the options with Laserfiche are endless.

Want to learn more about Laserfiche and its many capabilities? Check out our blog: Is Laserfiche the Right Document Automation Program for My Business?

The digital transformation experts at imageOne are ready to support you in taking your team to a new, innovative level. Schedule a call with us today. Together, we’ll dig deeper into these solutions as well as other ways to enhance your office environment.

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