Amplify Your IT Strategy With Company-Wide Cohesion

These days, CIOs and IT leaders wear more hats than ever before.  to balance functional efficiency, security, and digital transformation within your company. All three of those elements relate to the second goal in our three-part series on IT goals: maintaining company-wide cohesion.

When facing a broad range of tactical challenges, including maintaining data security, managing tech migrations, keeping control of your device fleet and working with managed print partners (oh wait—that last one isn’t a challenge) it can be daunting to think about how you can also be a strategic partner to other departments in your company.

However, there are a few things to do that can make cohesion come a bit more naturally.

Clearly Define Your Digital Strategy

You want it. Your CEO wants it. But what does a new digital technology strategy—sometimes called a digital transformation—actually mean to your business, team members, and your counterparts in the C-Suite?

Essentially, digital transformation is the updating and refreshing of all digital technologies within a business. To get started, carefully analyze the current technologies used in each department. For example:

  • What tech platform(s) does the Marketing department use?
  • Has the marketing department been using the same platform for years?
  • Does that platform integrate with the Sales team’s CRM?
  • Will the revenue information from that CRM then transfer naturally to the accounting department.

By getting a total understanding of each technology and how they work (or don’t work) within and alongside those from other departments, you’ll be better equipped to launch a strong digital transformation strategy.


First off, you can better identify key weaknesses in each department’s current processes so you can strengthen them. You’ll also understand where there is a lack of cohesion between departments. You can also better see where there is confusion and an unnecessarily inefficient process. Lastly, you’ll uncover any apprehensions or potential roadblocks before initiating the tech refresh process.

With a thorough analysis, you’ll be able to present your team with a fantastic IT solution that’s fully backed up by significant research.

Close the Communications Gap

Be honest. Are you frustrated by your CFO or finance team’s constant focus on the bottom line when it comes to implementing up-to-date and cohesive technologies? Of course budgets matter. However, other department leaders don’t grasp the importance—and eventually, the cost savings—of enhancing company technologies so they push off what you believe are beneficial changes.

Everyone in the C-Suite has their own priorities with different ideas on what matters most. But as your company’s tech expert, it’s essential that you clearly express why a digital transformation is the right move.

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That being said, it is also key to take time to discuss the goals of your counterparts. This not only shows that you’re listening to their own concerns and priorities—it further helps ensure that everyone is aligned. 

To get the discussion started, schedule quarterly meetings with the rest of the C-Suite to discuss their priorities and learn more about what they’re doing. Identify differences between your management styles and business strategies.

For example—are you more oriented on the big picture than the CFO, but more risk-averse than the CMO? Understanding those dynamics can help you make sense of what your colleagues want to achieve and how you can help them find an IT solution and strategy that works with everyone’s priorities.

What’s Next?

With great communication and a cohesive, streamlined digital transformation strategy, you’ll be enjoying the technology your team deserves in no time.

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