5 Questions Every IT Manager Should Ask Themselves About Print

The key to an IT department’s success is to automate and streamline as many processes as possible so they’re running smoothly in the background while your staff focuses on strategic initiatives that drive business growth.

However, this is increasingly hard when your printers are constantly breaking down, causing headaches for your organization and forcing your IT staff to spend more time than they should on printer-related issues.

The solution for this: partnering with an established managed print services company like imageOne that has an expert team dedicated to your success. But where do you start? And how do you determine whether you have a need for a managed print services provider?

Here are 5 Questions every IT manager should ask themselves about their current print process and environment:

1. Do I know what we’re spending on print today?

Most organizations don’t! We’ll help you get visibility into your true printing costs so you can see how much you’re spending. And, more importantly, how you can reduce your printing costs!

2. When was our last print analysis?

The world of printing is constantly evolving with new technologies, tools, programs, and processes to meet the changing needs of organizations.

Whether it’s new equipment or the latest software, a great MPS team will always ensure that your printing environment meets your needs and provides you with comprehensive data as often as you want it: monthly, quarterly (recommended!), bi-annually, or annually.


3. How many different models do we have? Manufacturers? Brand? Vendors?

If you have different vendors for your machines, ink/toner, and repairs, chances are you’re spending way too much time and money managing your print needs. With so much on your plate already, it’s difficult to accurately track, update, repair, and maintain so many variables.

But with an MPS provider, you’ll have a team dedicated to pulling these variables together under one umbrella. We’ll take care of all of that while you’ll only have one invoice each month.

4. Do I have the right devices in the right places for the right situations?

Do you have a small desktop printer supporting a large, print-heavy team? Or a sophisticated copy machine sitting in a quiet corner that isn’t being used to its capabilities? It sounds silly, but you’d be surprised how often we see it.

By looking at your current print environment, an experienced MPS team will ensure that all of the devices are in the right places to maximize their performance, boost your productivity—and best of all—save more money.

5. How many tickets are we getting on average per month/week?

What’s the turnaround time to getting those help desk and IT tickets closed out? Printer-related tickets are a headache that nobody wants. It’s often a major source of frustration within an organization, and the machines always seem to go down at the worst time, right?

Let us take that on for you so your team can focus on more important matters.

If these questions indicate that you should be working with a managed print services provider, we’d love to chat with you! Schedule a 15-minute discovery call to see how we can help.