Last week, we discussed what managed print is and why print can be such a threat to your IT budget. You already know that managed print can make your department work more efficiently, saving you time and money. Now, we’re shifting our focus to talk about the benefits of managed print in every IT employee’s day-to-day work—and highlighting some other ways managed print can benefit your department. Read on for three ways a managed print service makes every IT person’s job easier.

1. Improving and aligning with security processes

One of the top worries IT executives have—and one of the major threats to the processes of the people who work for them—is security. Managed print can help reduce the risk of security breaches in print, the network and cloud security.

Whether it’s keeping payroll accounts safe from prying eyes or simply safeguarding the meatloaf recipe Steve from HR is sharing with Marsha from finance, a managed print partner can keep your company’s information safe. From password-protected printing to developing a single, fleet-wide security policy to full audit capabilities that allow you to know exactly who’s accessed what documents when, there are managed print tactics that can help keep every employee’s documents more secure. This means CTOs have a reliable partner when developing their strategy for company-wide security, middle managers don’t need to send their best people out to investigate stolen print jobs or lost information and IT techs can take print security off their plate.

2. Assisting in strategic alignment

It may seem like something most useful for the highest-level IT employees, but a managed print partner’s ability to align to the internal department strategy is beneficial at every level. While strategic alignment can take many forms, at imageOne we do it in the most straightforward manner possible. We take time to talk to top-level IT managers and executives to understand their short- and long-term goals and objectives, and we use this information to formulate a print management strategy tailored for their unique organizational needs.

For those CTOs whose top concern is maximizing efficiency, we implement print processes that help achieve that goal in a way that works for the company. For example, by installing a new fleet of devices and overseeing all implementation and service, managed print frees up the entire department’s time to work on other issues. By taking over toner delivery, we reduce the amount of time IT techs need to spend on print maintenance and ensure that all employees are able to print what they need right away. And for the upper-level IT managers who take care of the accounting, we deliver all costs in one easy-to-understand invoice so they don’t have to sort through multiple bills to understand what they’re spending.

3. Implementing eco-friendly processes

When managed print reduces your company’s output waste by 10 to 15 percent, it leaves your department with more money in the budget and more resources for the rest of the year. But don’t discount that it’s also saving the environment—and that eco-friendliness reflects well on all levels of your department.

A CTO who has solid numbers around print reduction has the ability to share that information with the rest of the company and can demonstrate their role in helping the company reduce its carbon footprint. Who doesn’t want to know that every day, they’re bettering the environment by simply doing what they do?

At its best, print management doesn’t just make every IT person’s job easier: it makes their job more purposeful, streamlined and strategic. Keep an eye on this blog for more on how managed print can help the different levels of IT—and what effect it can have on your costs, processes and security. Coming up on Thursday, we’re looking at your current printing costs, where they’re coming from and (you guessed it!) how managed print can help you make more sense of them.

Photo credit: University of Essex via Flickr Creative Commons

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