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As we’ve already talked about, a print management service can save you time and money by streamlining your processes. But what if you’ve already got a process in place and things are working fine?

We hate to break it to you, but every process has its faults. Even if you’ve already designed and implemented a new process for printing and you’ve got every employee following it to a tee, you’re still at risk of inefficiencies. Here are the three areas we most often see companies with existing processes losing time and money.

Inability to keep up with new technologies

Outdated printers and copiers can be slow and unreliable, but they’re also not equipped to deal with the technology needs of today’s workers. While devices bought in the late 90s may have been perfect for a time when faxing things back and forth was commonplace, they don’t have the capacity to scan and digitally share documents—actions now ubiquitous in every employee’s day.

If you’re relying on a fleet that isn’t up-to-date, you risk losing time and money both in your IT department and at your company as a whole. You may have a scanner or two in your fleet, but is that enough for the whole company? It may be time to replace some of the older, more out-of-date equipment with new devices that can handle employee needs. The short-term investment will pay off in long-term efficiency.


You never think security threats will be hiding in your printer—and that’s the problem. From the nasty printer hack that caused hateful flyers to be printed out on college campus around the nation earlier this year to issues involving mobile print allowances, print security is an issue that can’t be avoided.

Any print process—whether you’re working with a managed print service or not—needs to account for security risks. If you’re not sure how you’re managing employee data, device hard drives and printout security, you put your company at risk for a security breach. These can have disastrous consequences for your time, budget and employee safety.

Lack of transparency

Oftentimes, print costs are broken up and hidden in multiple places. Between service agreements, leases, maintenance costs and more, the true costs of your print process can be hard to track down. This lack of transparency means you’re unable to track print costs, and, once budget reevaluation season begins, you need to spend significant time tracking down costs. A managed print partner can help you streamline those costs, ensuring you know exactly what money goes where.

If you’re looking to get a better sense of your print costs, we can help out. Contact us if you’d like to schedule a print audit, or download our recent eBook, 10 Steps to Finding Your True Print Costs, for more information.

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