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There is nothing more frustrating than running into printing issues right before a tight deadline. Whether you can’t get rid of streaky lines on your documents or you’re consistently running into pesky jams, these issues begin to pile up and affect your bottom line.

We understand how frustrating and time consuming this can be for your IT department. Fortunately, our technicians have solutions for proactive printing.

Check out our guide to some of the most common troubleshooting questions: 

1. Why does my copy machine leave a black line on copies? 

The overwhelming majority of the time, something as simple as a small speck on the glass can leave a top-to-bottom line on every copy. Make sure to clean the narrow band of glass under the document feeder. This will resolve that issue 99% of the time. Glass cleaner and lint-free cloths work best.



2. Why are my documents failing to scan to e-mail?

E-mail usually imposes a 25mb file size cap. If your scan exceeds that maximum, there are solutions within the printer to break the document into smaller sections. You can also avoid the email limitation entirely by changing your print settings to scan directly to SharePoint or another cloud-based link sharing service.  

3. Why is the printer asking for me to load another type of paper when I know the correct paper is loaded?

The printer is likely experiencing an issue in the settings. Make sure that the driver is set to the same paper type and size as what the printer is programmed to.  

4. Why is my printer jamming?

This can be an absolute nightmare for any department, and it isn’t the easiest one to answer. There are a plethora of reasons that your printer could be jamming – but the top culprits are worn rollers, dirty photo sensors and paper being incorrectly loaded into trays. To avoid dirty photosensors, try cleaning them with compressed air.  

5. My faxes keep failing. We have digital service for our phone lines, why is this happening?

Digital phone lines compress the analog signal of a fax, and this compression frequently causes send and receive failures. This can be exhibited by compressed or skewed looking faxes. A traditional analog phone line is best for faxing. imageOne offers faxing software solutions that resolve this issue without any phone line requirement.  

6. What is the best brand machine out there? 

This can be a personal preference, but the Hewlett Packard A3 line is a popular choice for overall speed, quality, and ease of use with the interface. All models offered by imageOne consistently score among the highest in quality and value. 

7. When is it time to upgrade our old devices?

If you are after the latest, greatest software features and the slickest user interfaces, then now is the time! Just remember, as with any technology, breakdowns occur more frequently as devices age and maintenance becomes expensive –so switching to a new model can save you more money in the long run.

8. All the button options on the printer device seem complicated. Is there an easier way to get what I need done? 

Not only is this downright frustrating, but it can also lead to a decline in your productivity. Newer multi-function devices come with quickset keys that can be programmed to execute a pre-defined set of job features with a single click. Thoughtful programming is vital in maximizing usability and minimizing confusion and frustration.   

Need support with your organization’s printers or copiers?  

Schedule a complimentary Discovery Call with imageOne and one of our experts will be happy to help you assess your equipment, security and workflow. We offer hardware, software, and services to ensure your document environment is secure, efficient and cost-effective. On average, our clients enjoy a 20% savings on print-related costs and a 51% reduction in IT help desk tickets.


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