Should I Get a Managed Print Services Partner?

Are you worried that using a managed print service would just add one more thing worry about—all while adding on expenses? Don’t buy into this assumption. A great print management partnership is exactly the opposite!

From the first phone call, an experienced Managed Print Service (MPS) will alleviate countless pain points by saving you money and creating a more efficient, secure print environment. In short, expect serious savings, fewer headaches, and a speedy ROI. Most organizations save about 30% on print costs every year!

So, is managed print right for you? And if so, how do you choose an MPS business that’ll properly assist you in implementing the right programs and tools for your unique team?

Why Consider a Managed Print Service?

Did you know that the average office employee generates over 10,000 sheets of paper annually!? Multiply that by the size of your team and that’s a LOT of paper, toner, and inevitable printer repairs.

Your company’s print process is a significant expense. In fact, it is usually equal to about 3% of a company’s revenue and can leave businesses scrambling to find new ways to cut down on office print costs.

This is where having a managed print partner becomes a huge advantage!

These office print experts are specifically experienced and knowledgable about implementing smart, innovative cost-saving strategies. They also understand how to make them specifically work for your business needs.

With their insights and support, you can expect to see a significant, positive impact on your bottom line thanks implementing things like:

  • Print Reduction Programs
  • Printer Fleet Rightsizing
  • More Efficient Print Environment Designs
  • Software and Firmware for Cost Reduction
  • Increasing Security Against Costly Cyberattacks

And those are just a few common ways that organizations can get a quick return after signing up with a managed print service. Still, though most companies will see a benefit, it’s not right for everyone.

Is Managed Print Service Right for My Company?

An MPS partnership makes sense for many business. However, there are exceptions. As much as we’d love to work with every interested team, we also don’t want anyone choosing a service that truly doesn’t fit.

Before deciding to commit to a managed print service, ask yourself these important questions first:

  • Do you know the total cost of your office’s print production?
  • Do you have a security policy around printing and printers?
  • Are your printers and copiers managed by one central resource
  • Do you know what is being printed and where?
  • Is your print environment properly optimized the company’s size?
  • Have you conducted a print assessment in the last three years?
  • Do you have a reliable expert on your team devoted to planning and executing print-related business goals?

Did you answer “yes” to every question? Congratulations! Your team already has a great grasp and awareness around your print environment. Since you’ve already got so many of your bases covered, it might not be necessary to hire third-party print management provider.

Still, it never hurts reach out and see if there are gaps that could be filled to even further reduce your print costs. It might also be worth considering an MPS to take some weight off of your busy IT team’s shoulders allowing them to focus on other projects.

Did you answer “no” to most questions? Worry not! You’re like the far majority of businesses out there—and an MPS partner can help you turn all of those noes into yeses.

An expert managed print service will guide and support your team in finding the perfect strategies, tools, initiatives, and more to make your company run better and more affordable than ever before! For more about finding the right MPS, check out our blog: 5 Questions To Ask a Prospective Managed Print Service Partner.

Then, the team at imageOne would love to talk to you about how we can save you time and money. Schedule a quick, no-strings conversation with one of our friendly reps, and let’s find out if we’re the right match for you! 

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