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As printer technology becomes more sophisticated, so does our approach to building a well-defined managed print strategy. By taking a progressive approach to print management, organizations apply forward-thinking philosophies to security issues, are willing to adapt to industry trends, put their customers first, and think outside the box.

To begin building and executing progressive print management strategies, companies need to consider both their current demands, as well as open themselves up to possible adjustments. After all, business, technology, and client needs are always changing.

What Is a Progressive Print Management Strategy?

Essentially, taking a progressive approach to managed print indicates that your company is constantly seeking smarter ways to utilize its printers and copiers.

First off, if you don’t have a comprehensive print strategy, you might be unsure of your overall printing costs or an appropriate print budget. This can quickly lead to soaring expenses with little insight on how to rein in those costs. By taking a progressive approach to managed print, companies consistently review and adjust spending based on user habits.

These adjustments are largely thanks to a reliance on data and analytics collected from printing devices themselves. This allows companies to make better-informed decisions that enable more targeted, strategic decisions based on data, print usage, paper consumption, etc.

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A progressive approach also requires looking beyond basic software and hardware updates and creating an ongoing, collaborative partnership. Don’t let your business get stuck with a service provider that leaves your company with a fleet of new machines—then disappears until it’s conveniently the right time to upgrade or replace those machines.

That’s not a managed print strategy or acceptable customer service.

Why Choose a Progressive Managed Print Partner

A strong, progressive managed print provider can have a lasting, positive impact on any organization, from saving on ink and toner expenses to halting serious printer security risks in their tracks.

Especially for larger companies, choosing a managed print partner with available on-call technicians and dedicated account managers comes with many benefits. For one, it ensures your changing business needs are addressed with proactive solutions that keep operations running smoothly while also keeping costs down.

From shifting business goals to office expansions to advancing technologies, printing demands evolve constantly. These changing factors all have a dramatic effect on which printing devices are appropriate.

That’s why it’s essential to consider your printer and copier needs over time—and choose a managed print partner with a progressive outlook as well.

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Also, understanding which print trends not to follow indicates a progressive print management strategy. For example, some companies choose to use remanufactured toner rather than genuine OEM toner as it can appear to be more affordable. In the long run, prices end up higher due to a loss of print quality and more frequent toner replacements.

Finally—and perhaps most importantly—a progressive approach should always place a high priority on printer security. Unfortunately, many companies don’t do enough to protect their devices which opens them up to critical risks and vulnerabilities.

New digital threats are always arising in our modern, connected world. However, by trusting a print management team with the right software, training, and expertise, these potentially disastrous situations can be prevented before they even begin.

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