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It’s no secret that printing paper, plus the high prices of ink and toner, can be a huge financial cost for insurance companies. Between policy decks, marketing collateral, and claim documents, these print expenses add up quickly. 

Thankfully, there are many ways to streamline your insurance company’s print process to cut down on prices and boost efficiency. In addition, many of these systems will also enhance your printer security. This ensures that your client’s critical information remains safe and sound.



From your corporate headquarters to your most remote regional offices or claim drive-in centers, rely on these printing solutions so that you and your entire insurance team can have the most efficient printing system possible.

Cutting Down Printing Costs

Believe it or not, the insurance industry’s current high print volume doesn’t have to be a burden to your budget. In fact, zeroing in on that volume presents a tremendous savings opportunity. All it takes is learning where and how the costs are currently going—and how your resources can be better utilized.

For example, one well-known national insurance provider found ways to cut back on printing costs by just 10%. However, because their print volume was so high, small changes quickly translated into millions of dollars in savings!

Maybe your savings won’t be in the millions, but by carefully assessing your printing environment, there’s no doubt your insurance company can seriously cut costs. Between eliminating excess printers to minimizing print volume, every business can find ways to comfortably dial back. Some companies have even reduced their devices by 80% without compromising efficiency! 

If it’s been a while since you’ve thoroughly assessed your current printing environment, now’s a great time to do so. You’ll be shocked at where your costs are going, and you’ll realize what small adjustments can save serious dollars. 

By finding ways to streamline your printing process, even small insurance offices could be looking at tens, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings every single year. 

If you’re not sure where to begin, worry not. A strong managed print partner can help you optimize your print environment by making sure your business uses the right tools and the right devices in the right locations. 

Security for Insurance Companies

Insurance companies collect and manage large amounts of sensitive customer information — but do you know how secure that information actually is? After all, more hackers than ever target printers as an oft-forgotten entrance to gathering lucrative data.

Still, many IT leaders overlook their print devices when building out their security networks. It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that printers and copiers are computers too. As they’re just as connected to networks and servers, today’s printers are every bit as vulnerable to a breach as any other computers on your network.

It’s important that you’re working with the latest, cutting-edge hardware and software solutions to protect against modern security threats. By using technology that specifically targets how hackers infiltrate printer and copier systems, these programs significantly reduce potential security issues.

Now, your insurance company can rest assured that every client’s personal information is safe and secure—no matter what.

Are you an insurance company who’s ready to cut back on printing costs and enhance your printer security systems? We’d love to talk to you! Schedule a 15-minute Discovery Call with the imageOne managed print experts and let’s make your printing process better than ever.

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