4 Tech Devices To Keep Your Employees Healthy In Winter

Temperatures might be dropping. But as people choose more indoor activities to escape the cold weather, rates of transmitting bugs, germs and viruses increases. Now, business owners are searching for smart ways to  protect their valued employees and patrons.

Thankfully, new technology has emerged making it easy to protect anyone who comes into your restaurant, retail store, corporate office, or any indoor facility safe this winter. And since these devices do much of the hard work, you’ll also free up resources while keeping staff safe and socially distanced.

There are many great cold-fighting machines out there, but here are four of our current favorites:

Automated Temperature Check Kiosk

Stop anyone with a high temperature from entering your building with this innovative device. In less than a second, the instant fever scanner automatically checks temperatures of incoming employees or guests. Unlike those temperature “guns,” the system is fully automated with no staff needed. This saves time and protects your team’s health.

If a normal reading is detected, users get a literal green light and are allowed entry. If a fever is detected, a visual and audio alert will announce that they’re barred from coming in. A notification is also sent out to inform business owners or managers about the elevated temperature.

The quick temperature reading devices can also be set up to include these optional features:

    • Mask Requirements: If someone tries to enter without a mask, they’ll be denied entry even if they aren’t running a fever.
  • Facial Recognition Entry: The kiosk’s library can recognize thousands of faces. With a quick look at the camera, only authorized individuals will be allowed inside.
  • Card Swipe Entry: Grant entry via a dongle, PIN, or card swipe.
  • Timed Entry: If you want to restrict entry between certain times, set the time clock feature which only admits people during specified hours.

Density Automated Capacity Counter

To keep revenue up, business owners need new strategies for customers and employees to go indoors during fall and winter while meeting all current capacity requirements.

That’s where tools like the Density Capacity Counter come in. Just attach this little device above any entrance or exit and it will precisely count exactly how many people come through the threshold in real time. Now, you can comfortably know that a safe amount of people are inside. No more. No less.


A user-friendly dashboard tracks the numbers using any computer or a smartphone app. The dashboard can also be hooked up to a large screen to indicate the current occupancy for those wanting to go in. If the room, floor, or building is at capacity, the screen will inform people to wait. Once space frees up, it’ll instantly indicate that others are free to enter.

Density’s clients (which include Pepsi, Delta, and Amazon) also love how Density uses heat—not a camera—to track occupancy rates. This makes it 100% anonymous so customers and staff won’t have to worry about their identity or information being monitored.


Automatic Hand Sanitizer and Digital Display

At first, this device might not sound like anything too special. Hand sanitizing dispensers are already everywhere these days. So what’s different with this hand cleanser? The bright, eye-catching, and fully customizable digital display with slideshow AND video capabilities!

The key to a safe, sick-free workplace is awareness and action. After all, even the most diligent people can sometimes fall back into old, and less sanitary, habits.


With units scattered around your business, people are consistently reminded of healthy best practices, social distancing protocols, and the importance of clean hands via a clear messaging system. The attached touchless hand sanitizer then makes it easy to take action and stay germ-free.

4-in-1 Sanitation Hub

Don’t ask guests or staff to hop from place to place in order to meet best safety practices. With the 4-in-1 Sanitation Hub, they’ll only need to make one stop to prevent the spread of germs. This innovative machine contains:

    • Touchless Temperature Check: The machine quickly and accurately scans for a high body temperature and informs users if the reading is normal or too high to proceed.
  • PPE Distribution: Masks are essential when it comes to the fight against colds. Ensure that everyone is fully equipped by providing masks and gloves in the provided dispenser.
  • Hand Sanitizer: Fill this machine with up to a gallon of bulk hand sanitizer which is dispensed with an automatic motion sensor.
  • Digital Display: Communicate health procedures, best practices, entry instructions, and more with this customizable, full-color display.

These devices do an excellent job at preventing the spread of countless contagions. They also offer something we all could use—peace of mind. The world is unpredictable enough. Just imagine the relief in knowing that you’re proactively doing everything possible to keep your team, customers, and community safe.

If you’re interested in learning more about these smart health solutions, we’d love to talk with you or set up a free demo! Schedule a quick, no-strings-attached call with one of our tech experts and we’ll reach out ASAP. We look forward to helping you keep your business safe!