2022 Resolution: Plant Trees When You Print

We have one more goal to add to your list for 2022: but don’t worry, this one is fully automated, good for the environment, and an initiative your employees can rally around!

As an eco-conscious (and budget-conscious!) managed print services provider, we talk a lot about how to print less and how to use less paper. But we also know that going completely paperless isn’t a viable option for many businesses. Paper-heavy industries and organizations and even eco-conscious companies still rely on paper consumption for key operations.

Here’s where we’re recommending a 2022 resolution for your business: neutralize your organization’s printer paper usage. What that means: plant enough trees to make up for those used to create the paper you print on. 


While we fully support getting outside and planting trees in your community, we’re suggesting a resolution that doesn’t require you or your employees to get their hands dirty! One of our client-favorite printer softwares, PrintReleaf, helps you do just that. 

What is PrintReleaf?

PrintReleaf is a simple software imageOne customers can access to track and celebrate their company’s automatic reforestation efforts. PrintReleaf automatically logs your company’s paper consumption, calculates the number of trees needed to supply your paper used, and adds that number of trees to your choice of global reforestation projects. On average, one tree produces 8,333 sheets of paper, so every time you reach that milestone, PrintReleaf plants one tree in your company’s name — neutralizing your paper usage.

Over the last five years, imageOne has planted more than 7,200 trees in eight different countries, offsetting over 60 million sheets of paper. Our favorite part? Choosing which reforestation projects to contribute to and sharing our tree planting milestones with employees and customers. 


In addition to reforesting the paper you use, companies can always improve their paper-reduction efforts. And the new year is a great time to refresh your efforts and remind employees about the environmental impact of printing. 

Other Tips to Reduce Your Company’s Environmental Impact:

Make sure there’s a recycle bin next to your printers! 

Accidental prints and abandoned print jobs happen — make sure that when they do, employees have easy access to a recycle bin so those pages have a chance at another life and don’t end up in a landfill. 

Talk about your efforts regularly.

Have metrics you review on a regular basis with employees? Add your paper consumption (or lack thereof!) and reforestation impact to scorecards or goals you discuss with your team or as a whole company. With PrintReleaf, you’ll have access to a monthly PDF report of your reforestation stats to download and share easily.

Talk to your Managed Print Services provider about pull print technology. 

Pull print technology allows employees to submit jobs to a print queue, and only when the employee authenticates at the printer does the device print the job. Not only is this a great security measure, but it also eliminates the wasted paper that comes from forgotten and mistaken print jobs. Any jobs not authenticated are cleared at the end of each day. 

Implement print rules and eco-friendly reminders. 

Friendly, automated reminders of your environmental goals and the impact of printing can go a long way! These pop-up print policies show employees how much a print job is going to cost the organization and how much energy that specific job uses. In addition to alerts, you can also set rules that govern what and how employees print. For example, you can require print jobs of more than five pages be printed duplex, or double-sided, or you can discourage employees from printing emails and one-slide-per-page presentations. 

Ready to start reforestation efforts and reducing how much paper you use? We’d love to help! Contact the imageOne team today by setting up a free, 15-minute consultation

We have one more goal to add to your list for 2022: but don’t worry, this one is fully automated, good for the environment, and an initiative your employees can rally around! Connect with me on Twitter and LinkedIn and keep up with my company imageOne. Check out my website or some of my other work here.