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Smart Health Solutions Technology for the Modern Workplace

Whether it's a small mom-and-pop business or a large corporation, you want a safe, productive and thriving organization for your employees and clientele. With today's top technology, providing a healthy, happy office environment that exceeds all safety regulations is easier than ever.

From automated capacity counters to sanitation stations to smart locker systems, you're only a few steps away from your next move towards digital transformation. These solutions will help you create work spaces that will enhance communication, and provide you and your team peace-of-mind well past the COVID pandemic.

Explore Our Innovative Tools & Solutions

People Counter

Track Occupancy With Ease

  • Clear Analytics and Reporting

    This seamless system will monitor capacity compliance or social distancing policies automatically. See how your office space is being used with comprehensive, user-friendly analytics and reporting.

  • Eye-Catching Alerts & Displays

    Real-time displays make it easy for employees and customers to self-regulate indoor capacity. Connect the People Counter software to any screen or mobile device and get alerted when occupancy is exceeded.

  • Anonymous by Design

    By using infrared lasers, not cameras, the People Counter is totally anonymous. Still, it's the most accurate automated occupancy tracker on the market today and trusted by brands like Twitter, Delta, and Facebook.

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Smart Lockers

No-Contact Pickup & Storage

  • App-Powered Access

    No more struggling with outdated padlocks. With a simple barcode scan from a smartphone app, users can pop open the right locker in seconds. 

  • One-Stop, Anytime Retrieval

    Perfect for flexible, high-traffic, or remote-heavy offices. Employees can store items like laptops, documents, or other work essentials when they aren't in the office. Also great for no-contact customer pickup.

  • Strong and Secure Storage 24/7/365 For an added level of security, a Cloud-based surveillance system monitors the entire locker area all day every day. The Smart Lockers can be placed safely inside or outside of your business.
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Temp, ID, and Facial Recognition Entry Kiosk

Let The Right People Inside

0.6M Floorstand
  • Screen for High Fevers in Less than One Second

    Email alerts can be deployed automatically when an elevated temp is detected. Verbal and visual alerts are available for elevated temperatures on the kiosk.

  • Quick and Easy Survey Station

    Ask everyone who enters to answer questions and offer information to help with contract tracing and provide details about potential recent exposures or other risks.

  • Require a Mask Check for Entry

    When the mask setting is toggled "on," the kiosk will deny admittance and advise the user to put on a mask. Entry will be denied until a mask is detected.

  • Optional Facial Recognition or Card Swipe Feature

    Allow quick entry for your team with the additional ability to use "time clock" functionality. For unauthorized individuals, access is instantly denied to your business.

  • Watch the Video Let's Talk About the Entry Kiosk

Automatic Hand Sanitizer with Full-Color Display

Stay Informed & Sanitized

  • Extra Large Digital Display

    Communicate important safety information in real-time. Schedule and manage all visual content remotely. 

  • Smart, Portable Design

    At just 21 pounds, the Auto Hand Sanitizer Display can be wall-mounted or attached to a moveable stand. Perfect for high traffic areas.

  • Boost Your Cost Savings With Bulk Sanitizer

    No more small sanitizer bottles! Buy your favorite gel, foam, or liquid hand sanitizer in bulk sizes and save money fast!

  • Let's Talk About the Hand Sanitizer

4-in-1 Sanitation Station

Keep Germs Out of the Office

Sanitation Station
  • No Contact Fever Screen and PPE Station

    Customers and employees can have their temperature screened, grab masks and gloves, get sanitizer from the touchless dispenser, and read important health or company updates on the digital screen.

  • Save Money on Sanitizer. Buy in Bulk!

    This solution holds a gallon of sanitizer which saves you money by buying it in bulk. Running low? No worries! Schedule an automated alert that notifies you before you run out of sanitizer.

  • Touchless Temperature Screening System

    Temperature accuracy to +/- .5 degrees. Users will be alerted of elevated temperature and additional notifications are available via email and text to business owners or managers. 

  • Watch the Video Let's Talk About the Sanitation Station

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