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Servant Leadership

Helping Others and Doing Good

Don Lupo has been called "the man to call when you need to get something done."  He's certainly made an impact in the city of Birmingham, Alabama, where he's worked tirelessly to help the homeless...
Servant Leadership

Finding the Sweet Spot

Why do some entrepreneurs burn out while others go on to not only build thriving businesses but also enjoy fully engaged family and personal lives? This is the question that Dr. Sabrina Starling has...
Servant Leadership

It's Not the What, It's the How

The history of indigenous people in America is probably not the first likely topic you'd expect to discuss with the chief investment officer of Techstars, a venture capital firm in Boulder, Colorado,...
Servant Leadership

Using Intentional Growth To Supercharge Your Business

What does being intentional mean to you? If you're in a leadership position, you likely know intentions are important. Yet how much time have you and your co-leaders spent on getting clear on your...
Servant Leadership

A Black CEO's Conversations with His White Friends

According to 2020 U.S. Census data, the poverty rates for Black and Hispanic people in the United States have dipped to historic lows. While this is good news, the report also notes that "Blacks and...
Servant Leadership

In the Eye of the Hurricane: Mindfulness for Performance and Life

You might not normally think of professional athletes meditating and engaging in mindfulness. And yet superstar athletes like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan have used these principles to help improve...
Servant Leadership

Getting Comfortable with Conflict

Most people try to avoid conflict when at all possible. It's something we're taught from a young age.  Most people try to avoid conflict when at all possible. It's something we're taught from a young...
Servant Leadership

Shining Your Light Into the World

What’s the secret to having a great day? It’s all about deciding to have one.  Dr. Srikumar Rao sees his work as helping people break out of the cages they’ve built for themselves. Rao, an elite...
Servant Leadership

The First Habit Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Back in the heady days of the dot-com boom, Lewis Schiff founded and successfully sold two companies. However, it was only after he started to write books about entrepreneurship and investing —...
Servant Leadership

Why Compassion is Important for Leaders

Our modern brains have learned to seek instant gratification. But when we’re always running to the next opportunity, meaningful connections are left behind.
Servant Leadership

How to Have Faith in Your Goals Against the Odds

Sister Lucy Kurien doesn’t think she’s qualified to give advice. By the end of this article, you may politely disagree.
Servant Leadership

What Leaders Can Learn From Self-Compassion

When was the last time you stopped picking apart a project you’ve completed, and simply congratulated yourself for a job well done? Or, better yet, accepted a mistake you made without spending hours...
Servant Leadership

How to Run a Social Enterprise That Really Makes a Difference

Being kind has never been cooler, judging by the number of companies engaging in social missions. 

Transform Your Life And Leadership With Mindfulness Master Jon Kabat-Zinn

For nearly 50 years, Jon Kabat-Zinn has guided millions from all walks of life to explore and embrace mindfulness. By skillfully combining science-backed practices with Zen meditation philosophies,...
Photo of Sharon Salzberg
Servant Leadership

4 Ways Loving Kindness & Mindfulness Can Change Your Life

For over 45 years, Sharon Salzberg has been a prominent figure in bringing mindfulness and meditation into mainstream Western culture. She is the New York Times bestselling author of Real Happiness:...
Tom Rippin of On Purpose
Servant Leadership

How Businesses Are Thriving With Purpose And Systems Thinking

Profits matter in business. Without profit and cash, organizations simply can’t survive. But, without purpose, business can seem empty.Today, more people than ever believe so, and they’re championing...
Anne Wicks at the Bush Center
Servant Leadership

Why Great Principals Boost Equity & Excellence In K-12 Education

As Director of the Education Reform Initiative at the George W. Bush Institute in Dallas, Texas, Anne Wicks gets a rare insight into the highest levels of leadership. It’s commonplace for Anne to...
U.S. Problem Solvers Caucus
Servant Leadership

Can The Congressional Problem Solvers Caucus Rebuild A Bipartisan United States?

In a nation that feels more divided than ever, Nancy Jacobson wants politicians, leaders, and citizens alike to put labels aside and solve our biggest problems together. As the founder and CEO of No...