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At imageOne, we are Leading with Genuine Care throughout our lives—not just at work. We aspire to spread this mission worldwide by connecting with positive, mindful leaders and sharing their stories. Learn some of those stories with articles and interviews by imageOne co-CEO and Senior Forbes Contributor, Rob Dube. 

Articles About Inspiring Leaders

chris gale

How to Run a Social Enterprise That Really Makes a Difference

Kristin Neff

What Leaders Can Learn From Self-Compassion


The Happiest Man In The World On Finding Your True Purpose Through Compassion


How Conscious Leadership Can Lead You To Your True North Star

jon-kabat-zinn article

Transform Your Life And Leadership With Lessons From Mindfulness Master Jon Kabat-Zinn


4 Ways Loving Kindness & Mindfulness Can Change Your Life

Tom Rippin

How Businesses Are Thriving With Purpose And Systems Thinking


Why Retaining Great Principals And School Leaders Matter For Equity In Education

Leading With Genuine Care Podcast

Sister Lucy Kurien

Sister Lucy Kurien | Having Faith in Your Boldest Ideas

Nate Klemp

Nate Klemp | Applying Mindfulness in Everyday Life

Scott Glassman

Scott Glassman | How and Why to Make Positive Psychology Part of Your Daily Life

Chris Gale

Chris Gale | How Businesses Really Can Change the World for the Better


Sen. Doug Jones | Finding Common Ground in a Divided America


Jim Dethmer | The Power of Conscious Leadership


Jon Kabat-Zinn | A Well-Lived Life Is Made in the Present Moment


Sharon Salzberg | Why Leading with Loving Kindness Can Change the World


Tom Rippin | Purpose-Driven Businesses Can Create a Stronger Economy for Everyone


Nancy Jacobson | Rebuilding the Political Divide With Fewer Labels and More Conversations


Daniel Roby | What Everyone Should Know About Homelessness Today

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