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HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance

Protect patient data by eliminating vulnerabilities in your document workflow and device security with software solutions and self-healing printers.

Reduce Costs

Reduce print costs by 20-30% by optimizing your print environment, getting the right printers in the right places, and streamlining your print processes to take printer-related needs off your plate.
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Optimize Your Print Environment

Reduce device downtime and enjoy easy, efficient, and reliable device servicing and automated supply ordering so your staff can focus on what matters most.



Reporting and Analysis

Reporting and Analysis

Keep a pulse on spending and monitor end-user behavior according to your performance metric goals with comprehensive data reporting.

Platform Services

Automate Document Workflow

Increase efficiencies by automating manual document workflow processes so you can store and locate documents easily, efficiently, and securely.

National Service Expertise

National Service Expertise

Benefit from an extraordinary service experience to reduce device downtime and improve the end-user experience across all your locations.

Case Study:  How a Managed Print Program Reduces Health Care Print Costs

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