Why We Love Document Automation (And You Should, Too!)

At its core, document automation is all about leveraging technology to getting all kinds of office tasks more efficiently.

However, too often, businesses miss the opportunity to automate and improve their processes because—let’s face it—change can be hard. With a busy workplace, it often just seems easier to continue doing business the way you always have, even if you know better options exist. It’s easy to feel like you don’t have the time to implement something new.

But unless you love every minor, tedious part of your job, or your company isn’t interested in making more money, you should seriously consider document automation tools like Laserfiche. With minimal effort, you’ll quickly see your business grow faster than ever.

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What is Document Automation?

Automation is truly all about leveraging technology to help you accomplish tasks, and it also helps minimize human error and create a much better experience for both customers and employees.

If you can lift yourself above the fray long enough, you’ll see that implementing business process automation has the potential to provide a staggering boost to your business. It might even enable your company to reach that next level.

Just think, if you can save your employees 4–5 hours of work every week, what could your start dream up with that extra time? What new ideas could you finally tackle that will drive your company forward?

By implementing automation at imageOne, we have improved HR processes like PTO requests, annual reviews, and our application and interview process. On the sales side, we have automation to get our customers the information they need about our products in an instant.

Track Data, Automate Tasks and Reduce Costs

With any good business process automation system, you will have the ability to track data and make sure you are accomplishing your business goals.

For instance, our application and interview process track where our applicants heard about us, how long an applicant spent with each interviewer or in the skills assessment phase, and how many were sent a polite “no thank you” message and at which stage.

This helps us strategically focus our marketing efforts and design a more efficient experience for each applicant. In short, business automation helps us gather good data to make good decisions.

Finally, there are other obvious benefits of automation like minimizing human error by pulling data from outside sources, automatically doing tasks versus waiting on someone to hit send and reducing costs around archiving fees as well as paper and toner costs.

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You gain some great collaboration tools as well as version control, which can ultimately lead to governance compliance and reporting for audits. And don’t forget about accountability. Most automation tools will also tell you exactly how long each person is taking to do their tasks, and who has the heaviest workload which can help you better allocate tasks.

Ready to look deeper into document automation for your company? imageOne can certainly help! In a 10-minute, zero obligation chat, we’ll discuss document automation and other smart strategies, tools, workflows, and more that’ll save you time and money.