Why Should My Company Get a Document Management System?

How often have you spent more than, say, 30 seconds searching for a document? Maybe even a few minutes? At first, this may not sound like an excessive amount of time. However, add up those minutes over an entire career, and you’ll discover LOTS of wasted moments. 

Now, combine your total time with everyone else’s at your company. This number rapidly becomes astronomical! Thankfully, there’s now a better way to take that time back.

Technology has come a long way since the old days of searching for documents. Today, companies can drive an initiative to install an electronic document management system and go digital. Not only will you save time, but you’ll also increase productivity, boost efficiency, go green, and enhance security—not to mention stopping endless headaches before they even begin. 

A More Efficient Workplace

What business doesn’t want to become more efficient? No matter what you do, document management systems add benefit by streamlining your communications so you can get things done faster and more easily than ever. To dig into how this works, let’s check out our favorite document automation tool—Laserfiche.

Though there are several popular document management systems on the market, we love Laserfiche because it offers more options and customization features than any other. In essence, Laserfiche isn’t just a document automation, storage, and retrieval tool. It’s also a comprehensive, robust workflow solution and will boost your efficiency in ways you’ve never imagined. 

Laserfiche takes the outdated document management process and uses a customized web portal to build out a powerful, paperless process. For a real-world example, let’s look at the paper-heavy HR department and the complexities of its hiring process.

Typically, paper is involved in this process every step of the way. From the first interview to signing the final contracts, many different people will touch, sign, and pass on every document. This process is more than just tedious and complicated. As busy humans, this leaves an uncomfortable amount of room for error—and even maliciousness. 

Enter Laserfiche. With this doc automation program, the entire hiring process is now digitized and tracked. With a click, HR can log in to the portal and see what’s been completed and what hasn’t. You can even annotate documents, change access permissions, auto-populate forms, add alerts, and so much more—not to mention the many savings on paper, time, and security.

Once each page is complete, the user will hit submit, and that file will automatically be sent to wherever it needs to be in the system. If you need to find it again in two days—or two years—it’ll take only seconds to retrieve.

7 Ways to Reduce Print

Strengthen Your Company’s Security

Want to hear a very scary—and very real—security story that’ll make you think twice about the pages you decide to print? 

Recently, a highly confidential document was printed off by a government employee regarding his department’s plans in the event of a terror attack at an upcoming sporting event. He took those sensitive plans onto an airplane—and left them behind in the seat pocket. Before even realizing his mistake, the news media had found those papers and released them online for the world to see. 

Talk about a public relations disaster! 

This entire scenario would have been avoided if his department had just used a document management system. But how exactly would the system prevent such a nightmare? 

For one, instead of printing out the document on paper, the employee would have accessed it digitally from his laptop or tablet. That alone nearly eliminates the risk of leaving it behind. Even if he did forget his device on the plane, a password protection feature would have blocked anyone else from ever accessing the information.

In addition, these systems allow users to view the location of every digital document digital document’s physical location so they can be tracked down. The programs can even restrict certain materials from being printed at all if they’re deemed too critical and confidential.

All of these security features are great, but only scratch the surface of what a document management program like Laserfiche can do to protect your business.

Paper and Cost Reduction At Work

If your business is looking to go more digital and reduce your print, acquiring a document management system is a fantastic place to start. By digitizing your workflows, you’ll significantly reduce how much ink and paper your office goes through. This is a huge plus for your bottom line—and the environment too.

There are also plenty of soft costs that can be cut as well. They may not add up as quickly as paper and ink, but expect them to be more substantial than you might imagine. 

Between filing papers to troubleshooting security issues, more time than you think is wasted with traditional document management systems. By omitting these tasks, just imagine what more your team can get done?

Think it’s time for your company to start a document management program? Our expert team at imageOne would love to help you out! We’ll even provide a FREE demo geared towards your needs and workflow to ensure it’s a perfect match. Just set up a 15-minute Discovery Call, and we’ll even throw in a $50 Amazon card just for talking with us.