When Choosing a Managed Print Service, Great Relationships Are Everything!

This year, I’m proud to be celebrating my 25th anniversary as a managed print specialist at imageOne. Over the years, I’ve learned so many things about what it takes to create an incredible relationship with my clients, some of which have lasted for close to twenty years. I’ve also seen why taking the time to build these trusting relationships is essential in a long-term and mutually beneficial print management partnership. 

Though I do consider myself a trusted managed print specialist, I honestly think of myself as more of a trusted advisor. No matter how big or small they are, clients shouldn’t have to think twice before coming to me with their business’ print or document management challenges. I want them to reach out without hesitation. They should know that I fully understand their organization’s unique needs so that I’m prepared to solve their problems.

Hate Your Office Printers? I Can Help! 

One of the most common complaints heard at the workplace goes something like, “I hate these printers!” From paper jams to security problems to expensive repairs, I get itHowever, I also have the knowledge and team to take these printer-related pain points away for good—as well as that negative impression of print devices. 

As a managed print specialist, a top goal of mine is to help your print environment run seamlessly. With a great partner, that’s wholly achievable. Soon, instead of constant problems, you’ll start associating great service, flawless equipment, streamlined workflows, and fantastic results with your printers.   


But how do you know if a managed print service and their team are both professional and dedicated to building a great relationship? Here are a few positive traits to look out for: 

  1. Face-to-Face Time
    Obviously, this is a little trickier today, but the idea behind it still applies.Though I’ll usually do a short chat on the phone first to ensure we’re on the same page, I always try to meet a potential client in person ASAP. The meeting typically means more than simply meeting up for a coffee (though I love that too!). Instead, I want to literally go inside the walls of their business to get a first-hand look at their environment. To date, I’ve easily walked through hundreds and hundreds of office spaces.

    The advantage here is that I can fully visualize exactly what their company looks like. Where is their accounting department? How far are their production printers from the marketing and design department? Are printers on every desk? By taking the time to be physically present, both I and the client will have a huge leg up on creating a successful print strategy. This then ultimately leads to a strong, long-term relationship between customer and trusted advisor.

  2. Full Transparency
    Honesty and openness are essential to creating a strong partnership. Your MPS partner should be transparent and thorough about what your unique MPS program would potentially look like.What significant adjustments might have to be made to your current workflow? How much money can you expect to save? Who will you be working with day-to-day? These are just a few examples of fantastic questions that an MPS rep should openly answer.
  3. You’re the Priority
    No MPS provider should act frustrated by a question or request. Even if it feels like you’re calling them constantly, or don’t feel ready to sign a contract but have more questions, your representative should always be positive and excited to help your company make the right MPS choice.Want to test out a printer or copier at your workplace before purchasing it? Absolutely! Need clarification about what exactly a managed print service does? Ask away! Want to visit the entire MPS team at our office? We can’t wait to show you around.

    The answer from your rep should always be an enthusiastic yes!

    Personally, I’ve talked to some potential clients for years before they decided to sign on with our services. Some never did—and that’s okay! Choosing to sign a contract with an MPS partner is a huge decision. Still, as long as I know that the customer felt well-cared for the entire time, I know I did my job.

  4. They’re Real People
    Sure. I’m primarily there to help your business run better with a managed print program. I also want you to genuinely feel like you’re working alongside an actual human, and that you’re far more than just another client. When we meet up for the first time or I take a tour of your office, I don’t just want to learn about your printers. I want to know about you and the totality of your life.

    After all, a successful managed print partnership lasts for years—if not decades! Offering authenticity creates deeper connections that allow for better conversations and incredible solutions tailor-made for you and your company.

In short, choose an MPS who you can trust to be your print solutions advocate for years to come. As business speaker and author Garrison Wynn once said, “people buy from people from people they trust, and they trust people they like.” We’d love to be some of those people.

See for yourself what a great managed print service relationship looks like by reaching out to me at imageOne! In a 10-minute, no-obligation call, I’ll show you how our programs will save you money and make your business run more efficiently than ever. Click below and schedule a consultation today!