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A managed print services (MPS) partner provides a proven process that many companies are using to free up their IT staff and save money. Finding the right MPS partner can be a challenging task, so here’s a breakdown of what you should expect when vetting potential partners.

First, the MPS partner should initiate your relationship by taking the time to truly listen and understand all your needs. They should be able to provide an assessment that measures your current cost of printing, and the process should be easy, efficient and reliable. Unfortunately, before contacting MPS providers, most organizations have no idea how much they are spending on office printing. As the saying goes, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” 

An extraordinary MPS provider will offer non-invasive print management software to quickly measure the actual cost of operating your printers, copiers and multifunction systems.  This software provides you detailed reporting on your print costs while creating a baseline to estimate savings. You can expect that you and your Managed Print Services Partner will have a joint goal to improve your end-user experience and provide you cost savings.

Next, a MPS provider will focus on infrastructure improvements.  Some printing devices cost more to operate than others — and some legacy printers offer little to no protection from malware and malicious hacking attempts.

Your MPS provider should identify which printers have a higher operating cost and redeploy them in high-usage areas. If there are devices that are reaching the end of their lifecycle or pose a security risk, you should also receive assistance in identifying cost-effective ways to refresh your technology.

The part that clients love the most about managed print: your MPS provider will manage your printers for you!  The same print management software used to measure your print costs will be used to control your printers remotely.  When a device is running low on toner, supplies will ship automatically.  When a printer needs maintenance or repair, a technician will be sent to fix the problem. Your MPS provider should seamlessly integrate the entire process of managing printers right off your to-do list — so you can focus on more critical initiatives.

Finally, your business will continue to evolve.  Over time, your MPS provider should help you optimize your print environment that is guided by real data on your print usage. You should proactively meet with your provider on a regular basis to identify new cost-saving initiatives and workflow process improvements.

Your provider should strive to inform you about innovative technologies that can help your organization stay ahead of the curve. You've got enough issues at hand — there is no reason to continue struggling to stay ahead of changing print technologies.

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