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imageOne is a premier-level reseller of PaperCut, and we’re often asked what it is. At its core, PaperCut is an award-winning software that helps reduce in-office print waste, track printing usage and save you money. These benefits are achieved in a variety of ways, depending on industry. We specialize in determining how PaperCut can be most impactful for you, and helping you implement it in your organization so you can enjoy those benefits too.

PaperCut most recently won the Buyer’s Laboratory Solutions award for Outstanding Cost Accounting and Cost Control Solutions. This is its fourth honor (and third in a row) by BLI. PaperCut is used by over 50,000 organizations worldwide and growing fast. Once we determine how this software can be most beneficial for you to use, it’s simple to learn, easy to deploy, and powerful enough for companies large or small to utilize.


Here are some examples of industry-specific uses:

PaperCut was first developed for the Education field, and it’s been dominant in this market for many years. Many education institutions employ the reporting and tracking features along with some rules to limit the volume students or departments can print in a given time period.

The mobile print options have provided the K-12 systems a seamless integration with Chromebooks while also empowering colleges and universities with an easy way for mobile students to print from any device type. The recent addition of a print lab module now provides a simple way for students and faculty to submit large scale print jobs and for the lab to process and keep the end user informed at appropriate intervals and completion.

We’ve helped organizations in the Financial, Medical, Insurance, and Natural Resource fields to utilize many of PaperCut’s security features to comply with audit and compliance rules. The secure “pull print” feature satisfies HIPAA and financial regulations because it secures personal data by ensuring that nothing is left sitting in an output tray.

The software enables the ability to track all print, copy, scan and fax activity. On top of tracking, there are also digital signature and watermarking features that provide instant information about who printed every piece of paper.

imageOne also helps companies of all industry types to reduce print costs. This has been especially helpful to Non-Profits and SMB companies looking to streamline operations and become as efficient as possible.

We can default print settings or use behavioral modification tools to help end users understand the cost of print, and show them how they’re saving the company money (as well as environmental stats to show the green impact of their print, or lack thereof).

These settings can also be applied to a specific group within a company, which is particularly helpful for Manufacturing organizations that may want factory workers to only have the ability to print in black and white.

Finally, along with all the other problem-solving features listed above, Attorney, Accounting and Architecture Firms have used PaperCut to allocate costs back to their clients with a simple tracking tool that integrates easily with many accounting software packages.

The bottom line is that PaperCut is an amazing tool that is helping organizations across all industries save money, become more efficient and stay secure.

See what PaperCut can do for you:

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