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Save money, reduce inefficiencies. While it’s true that managed print can help you with both of these things, the benefits go way beyond these areas and into other pages of your metrics report. Here are three KPIs you’re probably already tracking that a managed print partner can help to boost.

Average Handle Time (AHT)

How many seconds does it take to handle a single call in your IT department? What about after-call follow-up work? These numbers together are reported in your department’s average handle time, and if you’re bogged down with print-related calls, you can expect your time associated with them to be pretty high.

Did you know that as much as 23 percent of calls to your IT help desk are print-related? Just imagine that those calls take, on average, thirty seconds longer than other IT calls—it’s going to result in a much higher AHT. Now imagine that you have a managed printing service to take care of all those calls for you. Suddenly, your AHT is much more manageable.

Support Ticket Closure Rate

This KPI is a percentage of the number of customer support tickets resolved and closed by the customer support team divided by the total number of support tickets opened over the same period of time. You want to keep it near 100 percent to show that you’re able to respond quickly and efficiently to any problem that comes through. But, just like with your AHT, print-related problems gum up the works. If you need to order in new toner or fix a device, there’s a good chance that the resulting lag time will create a lower support ticket closure rate.

But what if your printers could sense when they were running low on toner, and instead of simply displaying a “low toner!” message on the screen, they actually sent for a new supply? You’d automatically cut down on the number of tickets coming in for toner replenishment, and you wouldn’t need to count the delivery time in your support ticket closure rate. And these aren’t just magic printers that only live in our blog posts—we can get you set up with some smart printers right away.

Employee Satisfaction

Potentially your most important KPI—the satisfaction of your employees both within and outside of the IT department—is as difficult to measure as it is essential.

Ideally, you want to conduct employee surveys on a regular basis to get a sense of what’s needed from your department, where you’re succeeding and where you’re falling short. This helps you quantify how your actions are working to improve employee satisfaction and isolate which of your tactics are effective.

When you have managed printing services, you’re able to focus on the areas where you most need to invest time and money: security and efficiency. Meanwhile, your managed print partner is taking care of any print needs in a timely manner, helping to boost employee satisfaction numbers around printing, copying and scanning.

Are you interested in learning more about print security? You’re in luck: tomorrow we’ve got a webinar on that very topic. Sign up below while you still have time!

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