The Top 2 Print Priorities for Manufacturers

In the manufacturing industry, things are constantly changing. Is your team ready to respond to those changes? Often, this means reconfiguring machines to reflect updated product lines or adjusting a process for a new project. However, your printing needs are rapidly evolving too.

When it comes to mass-printing product labels and packing slips, not just any printer will do. Printing devices designed to handle different media types are essential. Otherwise, paper jams become a common occurrence.

Additionally, manufacturing companies often have multiple locations. While branching out offers many benefits, it comes with its challenges as well. One frequent challenge is ensuring every location—no matter how distant—has its printing needs fully met.

That’s why it’s important to work with a managed print service (MPS) partner who’s flexible, experienced, and responsive. An expert print partner will understand the unique demands manufacturers face every day.

Here are the top two print priorities all manufacturing companies should consider:

1. Print Device Durability

By nature, manufacturing plants are typically difficult printing environments. After all, plants are often dirty with less than pristine air—not to mention the oils and heavy chemicals that somehow get everywhere. Let’s just say, MPS teams are rarely surprised when our manufacturing customer’s formerly white printers now appear some shade of brown or gray.

However, machine aesthetics should be the least of any manufacturer’s printing worries. Inside their plants and warehouses, just imagine how much gunk seeps into these machines. Before long, these residues build up and create many ongoing problems.

If your facility is exposed to these kinds of surroundings, always purchase equipment that is proven to be durable in these types of conditions. By purchasing cheap equipment, you’re setting your team up for frustration as these devices consistently break down.

Faulty equipment also makes for unhappy end-users—these interruptions hurt your bottom line as well. For one, rather than focus on manufacturing, your employees instead spend valuable time troubleshooting printer errors. Also, by investing in a heavy-duty printer, you’ll eventually save money by paying less for repairs and replacements.

Thankfully, with the right equipment, proper maintenance—and a little creativity—printers can thrive in these environments to carry out even the toughest jobs.

It doesn’t matter if these printers get dirty and discolored—the important thing is that they’ll always work.

2. Strong, Reliable Data Security

Just think about what critical data is stored at any plant including proprietary information, blueprints, customer stats and more. This makes security a top priority for any manufacturer.

So, how secure is your data?

If you’re unsure about your current document security protocols and protections on every device within your network—your company’s data might not be as secure as you think. Even if you do have those protocols in place, they’re only as strong as your employees’ willingness and ability to carry them out.

Fortunately, ensuring printer durability and data security in manufacturing is easy—as long as you choose a reliable and managed print partner. From installing the latest print security tools and software to training employees to keeping up with security trends, they’ll handle all of your company’s printer worries.


A great managed print service will also recommend smart solutions for manufacturing plants like PaperCut. By using a technique called “pull printing,” PaperCut natively adds an impressive level of security without interfering with your team’s daily operations. Whether it’s for printing confidential blueprints or important financial records, PaperCut ensures all sensitive materials aren’t openly sitting on the printing tray.

Lastly, do keep an eye out for MPS providers offering “too good to be true” prices. Their aim is to reel you in, set you up with cheap devices, and quickly let you down with subpar machines and services.

Ready to find out what the right managed print service can do for your manufacturing company? Let’s set up a 15-minute, no-strings-attached call and discover how the imageOne team can help you optimize and secure your print environment.