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Managed Print Services (MPS) is the comprehensive management of an organization’s print environment. This service can include the design and set up, monitoring, and ongoing maintenance of the environment. The benefits of a Managed Print Services engagement include decreased costs, increased uptime, enhanced security, minimized IT workload, and centralized reporting and control.  

It's essential to engage with the right vendor before proceeding. A trusted partner can best guide you through the process. 

The MPS Engagement Process consists of five key steps:  assess, plan, implement, manage, and optimize. Overall, the process is very much a collaborative one, involving key players from both the provider and customer side.

The key players include the MPS provider, IT leader, and possible a C-level decision maker, such as CIO or CFO. Additionally, the C-level decision maker should approve or buy into the idea of an MPS engagement before the following steps occur:

  • Assess – The goal of this first phase is to understand the current environment, current total cost of ownership of the fleet, and who, what and where documents are being printed. Typically, this phase is led by the MPS provider, with input and data from the IT leader
  • Plan – This involves a collaborative effort to strategize and design a customized future state for the print environment. Again, this is led by the MPS provider, with input from the IT leader. At the end of this stage, a contract agreement will be signed before moving to implementation. The C-level decision maker will most likely need to sign off.
  • Implement – The phase involves putting the plan into place. The plan might be a takeover of an existing fleet, or it may include the installation of new hardware, a software system to monitor the devices, and installation of ancillary print management or security software.

    Most of this phase falls on the MPS provider, but again, IT resources may be required. After this phase, most of the ongoing work shifts to the MPS provider.
  • Manage – This phase involves monitoring the environment and providing service, auto-replenishing supplies, and supporting the IT team with all print related issues and objectives. The MPS provider will lead this initiative and should result in minimal IT involvement moving forward.
  • Optimize – The final stage allows for a collaborative long-term plan. The MPS provider will continue to assess and provide data on the current environment.  The MPS provider will meet with the IT leader on a regular basis to review data and discuss business challenges. Changes to the fleet of printers and/or copiers may be recommended based on usage and business needs.

The ongoing optimization and planning, over time, should ensure the customer’s environment is right-sized for the organization’s current goals and initiatives. 

Contact imageOne to find out how our MPS offerings can help you decrease costs, increase uptime, enhance security, minimize IT workload, and centralize reporting and control. In a 10-minute, complimentary Discovery Call, we can help you with the next steps in creating a better print environment.

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