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On the blog, you often hear us talking about managed print partners. That term may have been surprising the first time you heard it: after all, aren’t managed print vendors the people you normally deal with?

At imageOne, we’re committed to being more than a vendor. What exactly that “more than” looks like can differ partner-to-partner, but it usually boils down to a few specific things that we care about enormously in our business. Read on to learn the difference between a managed print partner (like us!) and a vendor.

Vendors vend

Need a new printer? Great. There are plenty of places you can go for that: your neighborhood office supply store, an online retailer or a managed print vendor can all get you one. But a managed print partner is the only one who’s going to do more than just sell you some devices and a management service: they’ll work with you to ensure you’ve got the service and devices that work best for your company.

Think you can just pick up any old printer and have it work in your office? Think again. A law firm that prints millions of pages a year is going to have different needs than an architect’s workshop, where they’ll need to print oversized renderings and blueprints regularly. A managed print partner will assess your current fleet, your print needs, your employees and your security problems to make sure they recommend the print solution that works best.

Partners think strategically

What’s your IT strategy? Whether you’re focused on reducing expenditures, upping efficiency or making your security airtight, a managed print partner can develop a print management approach that works for your needs.

If your top goal is to increase security, for example, you’ll need a managed print partner who understands the security risks that can hide in a printer. They can help you choose the most secure devices, but they can also help you implement printing processes that help keep your employees’ data safe (for more on that, check out our upcoming webinar on pull-print models).

The same thing applies if you’re interested in reducing costs: a managed print partner can crunch the numbers for you to see how much they can save you on print and what you can then use that extra revenue for.

This strategic mindset is what makes managed print partners more valuable than managed print vendors to your department’s print success.

Partners care about the long term

Sometimes, after a long day of work, you really don’t want to have to send out another tech support professional to fix yet another printer jam in the finance department—and you really don’t want to remind them that they’ve got to order yet another supply of toner after Karen printed out 100 pictures of her new labradoodle puppy (thanks, Karen.) Luckily, a managed print partner will help take that off your plate.

At imageOne, we build partnerships that are based on great customer service. It’s one of the top reasons our partners continue working with us, year after year. In fact, 78 percent say our exemplary customer service and responsiveness to their needs is the number one thing that keeps them working with imageOne. We’re pretty darn proud of that, because we see this customer service and care as the primary thing that makes us a top provider of managed print solutions.

For more stats on imageOne, managed print solutions and what we can help your company accomplish, take a look at our new fact sheet: imageOne by the Numbers: 25 Years of Savings.

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