imageOne's Chris Mee explains how print reduction software offers cost savings and security to organizations. 

Is your in-office printing out of control?

Most organizations print thousands of pages every year that don’t need to be printed, and they have no idea what the cost of wasted printing is or how to measure it. Did you know that when you print an email that contains a web link, it’s printed in color (which costs several times more than black and white)? Does anyone in your organization print the typical non-work-related documents that are common, such as the latest internet recipes, kids’ sports schedules or even worse, Linkedin and job ads? Do you have trash cans filled with discarded paper next to your multi-function devices, making you wonder why those pages were even printed? 

Gain visibility

It’s estimated that the average employee prints 10,000 sheets of paper every year, and 17% of those pages were considered unnecessary. Companies of all sizes are looking for ways to promote sustainability initiatives and also reduce costs. Print reduction software enables companies to gain visibility on where the print waste is occurring in their organization, which allows them to control and monitor wasteful printing. 

Print reduction software allows you to see who is printing, what is being printed, where printing is being done and when pages are being printed on both network and non-network printers. It gives you complete insight into your print, copy, scan and fax activity so your organization can make strategic decisions. The software can monitor any manufacturer devices, and usually takes less than an hour to install and deploy, while the information remains in the organization. 

imageOne suggests that you run the print reduction software for 30 days after installation to test where the wasted print is happening. During the 30-day test, employees will see no difference in their printing experience. We suggest that you don’t announce that printing is being tracked so that we can get an accurate analysis of the print environment.  After 30 days, we will analyze the test results to identify print waste and associated costs. The print reduction software has hundreds of pre-built reports that will easily allow us to identify waste. The biggest print waste offenders are often based on color printing, excessive printing of the same print job, use of expensive devices, and not taking advantage of duplex printing. 

Here’s a print usage report example from the imageOne offices: printreductionreport

Control costs

Once we have the test results, we typically suggest that you take advantage of the print management tools the software provides to implement print rules or popups.  Popup messages will inform end users when they are printing wastefully, and allow them to choose to continue, or print more cost-effectively. The software rules you put in place will not allow the end user to print what the company has identified as unnecessary for their job function, or it will automatically change the print based on the predetermined rule.  Rules and popups can be managed by department, individual, or job function.  imageOne typically suggests that an organization implement two or three that will have the greatest effect. We also develop metrics to prove the cost savings you achieve, and then we reassess again in six months to determine if more rules will have an impact on cost savings.

imageOne has carefully tested print reduction software options, and we help you determine what program is best for you, depending on your objectives.  Our software solutions can give you full insight into printing, and can also allow you to bill back departments or clients for printing costs. 

Many software packages also have added features that can secure your devices by requiring end users to authenticate themselves before using the device. We suggest you work with your managed print specialist to determine what your options are, and select a system that meets your objectives and budget. A return on investment for this type of software is typically seen in just a few months. Most organizations are amazed by what they discover from the results of a 30-day printing assessment, including where the waste is and how they can reduce costs. 

Here’s a cost summary report example from the imageOne office:


See what print reduction software can do for you.  
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