Here we are: June’s the halfway point in 2016. It’s the last month of Q2, meaning it’s also the time to reflect, measure and reevaluate your IT strategies and tactics this year to date.

But don’t just look back: June is also the time to start thinking about how you’re going to end 2016 right and kick off 2017 prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. In order to help you with that process, we’re taking some time today to lay out our predictions for some of the CIO’s biggest IT challenges of next year and how you can start preparing for them today.

Realizing innovation

According to a Deloitte survey of over 900 CIOs, almost half dedicated less than 10 percent of their budgets to innovation. And when the field of IT is evolving as quickly as it is, this is a dangerous precedent that’s going to need to change in the next few years.

In order to stay competitive, it’s essential to prioritize innovation. To get started, confirm what innovation means to you and your business stakeholders and identify areas where it’s most necessary, so you can start planning for the future. Also decide what risks you are willing to take when investing in new technologies.

Only you can determine these things. But remember: playing it safe didn’t get today’s top companies where they are. Make 2017 your year to make (calculated!) risks.

Departmental alignment

We can’t spend more than 10 minutes online without running into information about how the CMO will be spending more on IT than the CIO, how important it is to have CIO/CFO alignment and plenty of other articles on how your fellow C-Suite members are out for your job. Here’s the thing: in 2017, we’ll see more collaboration than ever between the members. And your role is more essential than ever.

In order to make wide organizational goals a reality, it’s up to you to understand the priorities of different departments and ensure they’re set up to succeed. This means you need to have deep understanding of the CMO’s data needs, the CFO’s productivity numbers and the CEO’s vision for your company—just to name a few priorities!

Cost reduction and renewed efficiency

Some challenges you’ll face are not new: reducing costs and driving efficiency are going to be around for a long time. However, in 2017 you’ll have more opportunities than ever to do so in a way that works for your department and overall business. Whether that’s through investing in managed print services or reevaluating your device security (or whatever else you need), cost reduction and higher efficiency isn’t going to go away next year.

Need a partner in the face of all this change? We’re here for you. Contact us if you’re interested in managed print solutions for print security, IT efficiency and more.

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