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Can you believe that it's already 2021? Like it or not, the new decade is rolling along, and your trusted IT team is ready to tackle whatever tech and printer challenge 2021 throws your way.

But what exactly will these challenges look like, and which ones should be high on any CIO's radar? Let's evaluate the most common hurdles we expect an IT department to face so you can create the best IT strategies and tactics for your business.

In order to help you with that process, our print management and solutions experts will both dig into the biggest recent trends we've seen, as well as lay out our predictions for some of the CIO’s biggest IT challenges of the next year so you can better support your company for the long-haul.

1. Outdated Technology

According to a Deloitte survey of over 900 CIOs, almost half dedicated less than 10% of their budgets to innovations like new software, devices, and technology. And when the field of IT is evolving as quickly as it is, this is a dangerous precedent that’s going to need to change in the next few years.

In order to stay competitive, it’s essential to stay on top of today's technology. This is not only important for IT efficiencies but also printer and network security. That's why every IT team needs to have a great digital transformation strategy. Otherwise, you risk getting left behind.

Only you can determine these things. But remember: playing it safe didn’t get today’s top companies where they are. Make 2021 your year to make (well- calculated!) technology risks.


2. Department Misalignment

Though every department likely feels some misalignment between themselves and the rest of the business, it can be an especially big issue with IT. Too often, the CIO and the rest of the C-suite have a hard time seeing eye-to-eye on priorities and projects.

Here’s the thing: in 2021, we’ll likely see more collaboration and less department silos—and that's a good thing. It also elevates your role to a new level as you'll have to work more closely with other departments, executives, managers, and other top-level leads.

In order to make wide organizational goals a reality, it’s up to you to understand the priorities of different departments and ensure they’re set up to succeed. This means you need to have deep understanding of the CMO’s data needs, the CFO’s productivity numbers, and the CEO’s vision for your company—just to name a few priorities!

3. High Costs and Inefficiencies

Some challenges you’ll face are not new and likely won't be changing anytime soon. Reducing IT department costs and inefficiencies are going to be a key component of the job around for a long time.

Thankfully, in 2021, you’ll have more opportunities to cut costs and save money in a way that works for your department and overall business. As technology moves faster than ever, teams like yours have access to incredible tools designed to help your business run better than ever. 

For some of our favorite ways to cut costs, check out this blog next: 5 Ways to Reduce Costs in Your IT Department.

Then let's chat about how a managed print team can support your IT team in boosting efficiency, cutting costs, slashing Help Desk tickets, and so much more. Contact us at imageOne and we'll help you end many of your top IT challenges in no time.I'm Ready to Save Time & Money


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