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As you probably know, 2016 marks imageOne’s 25th year of operations. We’ve been lucky to share the past 25 years with great clients, amazing industry partners and the best team of employees around.

In order to celebrate our quarter-century in business, we’re going to give you an excerpt from our recent fact sheet, imageOne by the Numbers: 25 Years of Savings, and highlight some of the awesome things our clients have said about working with us. Read on!

On our service:

“imageOne’s service is at an entirely different level. They don’t just come in and fix the problem. They strive to find the root cause of any issue and get the most out of our devices. We’re thankful for their attentive service and open ears in solving our problems.” - BorgWarner

At imageOne, we’re invested in improving the lives of everyone we touch. That includes our employees, our partners and everyone in between. We’re committed to being more than a managed print service: we make sure that our actions make your work and your life just a little bit easier (and way more efficient and fun.)

According to a survey we conducted of our partners, companies love working with imageOne for the following top reasons:

  • We’re responsive to your needs. (78 percent of respondents)
  • We’re easy to work with. (76 percent)
  • We have a friendly team. (76 percent)

So when we’re already helping you save thousands of dollars a year on print, you better believe that it’s a big deal that our customer service is the number one thing that makes our customers stay with us.

On reducing print costs:

“imageOne has helped us reduce our printing expenses by about 20 percent.” - Automotive Components Holdings

Testimonials don’t have to be long to be powerful. And while we’re happy to have helped Automotive Components Holdings save so much, this isn’t an unusual outcome from a managed print partnership: in fact, we’ve helped companies save as much as $38,000 annually on print processes.

On us as a whole:

“I enthusiastically recommend imageOne when I can.” - 62 percent of our customers.

In that survey we mentioned earlier, we got this piece of insight: when asked, 62 percent of those who responded said they would “enthusiastically” recommend imageOne when possible. Another 37 percent responded “yes,” they would recommend us. In case your math skills are a little rusty, that’s 99 percent of respondents who said they would recommend us to others.

What’s next for us? Getting that last one percent of customers to switch from a “maybe” to a “yes” when asked if they’d recommend us, certainly. But also, we’re committed to spending the next 25 years as the best workplace in the area and the best managed print partner in the Detroit area. Follow this blog to keep up with our journey!

If you’re looking to learn more about imageOne, download our fact sheet: imageOne by the Numbers: 25 Years of Savings.

Download here

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