Managed Print Services vs. Doing it Yourself (DIY)

Just because you can tackle any Pinterest or Home Depot project with perfection doesn’t mean you should use the same tactic for your print management system. 

Sure. Plenty of companies and IT teams choose to take care of their own printers and copiers—and all of the maintenance that goes along with it. If this works great for your business model, keep it up! You know firsthand that it’s not an easy job.

However, if you’re not sure what the differences are between maintaining your own printer fleet and hiring a third-party managed print service (MPS) provider to take over, we’re here to break it down.

Optimizing Your Print Environment

Did you know that placing your printers in specific locations can save your business money? MPS providers do! These print experts deeply understand how to design an efficient, streamlined office print environment that cuts costs and boosts productivity.

Every great print management team begins a project by visiting the client’s business and conducting a thorough print environment assessment. This involves mapping out the current area, taking inventory of the print and copier setup, recording the number of pages printed monthly, and more. 

With this information, they’ll create a detailed vision for each company’s future print workflow. Typically, this involves “right-sizing” the number of printers throughout the office space (there are usually more than necessary) and strategically dispersing the remaining devices around the office.

Expenses are reduced due to fewer machines and their associated costs. Also, now that more team members will have to retrieve their prints at a further location, they’ll start thinking twice before hitting print.

Those wishing to create a DIY version of print environment optimization can try. However, most IT teams lack the resources, time, or training to get it just right. 

Save Your Team Time

Did you know that about 51% of Help Desk calls are printer-related?! What could your IT team achieve if they were freed up from worrying about those pesky devices and could work on more pressing—and more exciting—projects?

MPS providers do so much more than create efficient print spaces. They’re also on-call for repairs, routine maintenance, replenishing supplies, etc. They even provide regular reporting and analytics about items like how much money you’re saving and how many pages you’re printing each month. 

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Save Your Company Money

Even the best IT teams likely don’t possess the in-depth printer knowledge of a dedicated MPS technician. This not only translates to saving time, as mentioned above, but also in saving substantial money. With comprehensive training and years of experience, MPS teams can reduce a company’s print costs by up to 30%!

This cost reduction is achieved in several ways. For one, MPS providers know how to cut down on paper waste by using methods like creating “print neighborhoods,” installing paper-reduction software, and training employees on best practices.

Managed print techs and reps also know strategies when it comes to saving on expensive toner. They’ll also look into how your business can better digitize their documents, which cuts down on paper and minimizes the need for storage space.

Strong, Secure Printer & Data Security

If printer security isn’t near the top of your company’s priority list, it should be. Today, few threats are more significant than that of hackers infiltrating your system and stealing sensitive data information from your company or your clients. 

Though most think of a desktop PC as a hacker’s prime target, printers are just as vulnerable to a cyberattack. That’s why installing the best printer security software and firmware is integral for the safety and security of any modern company.

Most printer security tools are available to the general public. Better yet, some of our favorites like HP Whitelisting and HP Sure Start come standard on Enterprise-level HP printers. So, if you’re going DIY, there’s no reason to skip acquiring it. 

However, it takes more than just installing software to ensure your company is well-protected 24/7. It’s essential to regularly update each program with new patches which repair new holes that hackers could potentially get through.

Even if any IT team understands the importance of network safety, they’re often so busy that ongoing printer security maintenance falls by the wayside. With an MPS team, it never will.

Is it time to ditch DIY print management and partner with an expert-managed print team? We’d love to work with you! Submit an RFP or schedule a complimentary Discovery Call here. We’ll create the hassle-free printer environment you’ve been dreaming of.