Episode 2: The Power of Contemplation, with Nick Hienton

Nick Hienton is the Director of Remote Services for imageOne and has been with the company for seven years. He graduated with a degree in Political Science from the University of Akron in 2007 and joined the imageOne team shortly after. He is 33 years old and lives in Broadview Heights, Ohio with his wife, Amanda, his son, Logan and daughter, Riley.

Nick notes that he has been at imageOne for nearly all of his life milestones – shortly after becoming a technician, he married his wife, bought a house, his wife received her Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner degrees, and his children were born.

Nick came to imageOne by chance after passively looking for a new position. While he had limited IT experience prior to joining the team, he jokes that he had no printer maintenance experience at all. Despite this, Nick became a quick asset to the team and worked his way up to manage imageOne’s Nationwide account and is now Director of Remote Services. Nick has recently gotten into woodworking and furniture making, and also bought a motorcycle which he enjoys riding in his free time.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How contemplative thinking of your day can help you prepare for challenges – even if you aren’t trained in meditation
  • How you can practice donothing® actions even when you have a young family and an irregular sleep schedule
  • Why building a healthy routine with contemplation is helpful for both your professional and family life
  • How Nick overcame challenges in his childhood and learned from his experiences (along with a few funny anecdotes)
  • How having regrets about past mistakes displays honesty and why it’s important not to dwell too much on them
  • Nick’s experience with overcoming challenges in college and how certain roadblocks can also be powerful learning experiences
  • The important financial lessons that come with age, and how proper financial education and training when you are young can be very pivotal in your personal development
  • The lessons Nick has learned raising children – and how his upbringing shapes his parenting
  • How keeping busy (in the right amount!) can actually help energize you and give you things to look forward to instead of wearing you out

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