Eliminate Your Print Servers for Better Remote Work

With ongoing workplace changes and more employees than ever working from more places than ever, there’s no doubt your IT team has its hands full. Your company looks to your team to provide it with the technology, access, and connections it needs for every employee to do their best work quickly and efficiently.

In order to maximize how you support employees, it’s imperative to look for ways to increase your team’s efficiency while always improving your effectiveness. For example, do you know how your team spends the majority of their time? Are there trends in the tickets you receive that alert you to systemic problems you could address to decrease the overall number of tickets? 


If you don’t have these numbers in front of you, we can share a few staggering print-related IT numbers:

  • 25% to 35% of help desk calls involved printers
  • IT departments spend about 15% of their time on print-related issues
  • Maintenance for a single print server can cost up to $4,000 annually

A good Managed Print Services partner will help you choose the suitable printers and copiers and charge you a fair cost per page. An extraordinary Managed Print Services partner will do all that, plus help you reduce print-related IT costs, help your organization transition to remote work, and save your IT team time.

Thanks to software like PrinterLogic and partners like imageOne, you can eliminate your print servers altogether, saving you time, keeping your data secure, and making remote work better for employees. 

What is PrinterLogic?

PrinterLogic is a SaaS technology that allows IT departments to run their printer network through the cloud, eliminating the need for physical print servers. Eliminating print servers means better security, lower costs, and fewer print-related IT tickets. 

Using a print software solution like PrinterLogic has loads of benefits for your IT team, remote workers, and your organization overall. Here are just a few: 

Empowered End Users

One of the best ways to eliminate print-related tickets and gain back valuable time is to empower end-users with the access and knowledge they need to solve some of their own challenges. For example, how many times are you or a member of your team summoned to install a printer on a device? Imagine totally eliminating that task – removing it from your team’s workload and allowing employees to get up and running faster without having to wait for a member of your team to install the printer for them. 

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With PrinterLogic, end-users have the ability to use the interface to choose and install any printer on your network. 

This means employees can choose printers from anywhere on the network, including if they’re visiting other offices or locations. PrinterLogic allows end-users to automatically search for printers near them, download the drivers, and get to printing – all without having to reach out to IT. 

And the best part? You’re able to manage your entire fleet, company-wide, from a central Admin Center. From here, you can manage print issues fleet-wide instead of one device at a time. You can also install drivers and push updates with a click. No scripting or GPOs! 

Improved Security from Anywhere

PrinterLogic is a must-have solution to keep your company’s data and network safe. First and foremost, not having print servers means eliminating the most popular and vulnerable entry point for hackers. 

One of a hacker’s favorite times is between when a manufacturer releases a security patch and when IT sends out firmware updates to fix that vulnerability. PrinterLogic decreases the amount of time you’re vulnerable by allowing you to send out firmware updates from your desktop without the need for a print server.


In addition, PrinterLogic keeps all your data stored in the cloud and includes options for PIN or swipe user verification so only a print job’s intended audience can retrieve the printed document.

When it comes to remote printing, most IT professionals will tell you that as much as it is a necessity in today’s distributed workforce, it can also be a huge security vulnerability. With PrinterLogic’s off-networking printing, though, employees have the flexibility to send print jobs to any printer within your workplace’s network from anywhere while maintaining a secure connection. This even includes employees working out of state.

Ready to talk to a Managed Print Services Specialist about the software solutions like PrinterLogic that will keep your workplace secure, your remote workers happy, and your print-related IT tickets to a minimum? 

With ongoing workplace changes and more employees than ever working from more places than ever, there’s no doubt your IT team has its hands full.  Connect with me on Twitter and LinkedIn and keep up with my company imageOne. Check out my website or some of my other work here.