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In the legal industry, a tremendous volume of paperwork gets printed daily. Between closing argument binders, term sheets, and client reports, legal teams need the ability to print documents quickly and effortlessly.

By working with a managed print service (MPS) partner you’ll streamline the printing process and save money in the meantime. Curious how an MPS partner can boost your firm’s efficiency?

Here’s a checklist with the top reasons managed print can enhance any law firm’s productivity:

1. Optimized Printing Environment

In a fast-paced legal office, time is money. Lawyers and their staff need documents as close to their fingertips as possible. That’s why law firms often have a higher person-to-printer ratio than other industries. Typically, we suggest a 4:1 ratio with two attorneys and two administrators to each device.

However, this ratio isn’t a hard and fast rule. An MPS partner will thoughtfully design and set up an efficient printing environment for your particular office and its unique needs.

2. Fast, Secure Scanning Capabilities

These days, courts are less mandative about bringing in hard copies of official legal documents. For that reason, there’s a rising trend of scanning and emailing legal papers versus lugging around thick binders or heavy boxes.

To meet this trend, MPS providers ensure teams can effortlessly record documents via a nearby multi-functional device. This way—like with printing—your team can scan, copy and fax documents without moving far from their workspace.

3. Regular Device Upgrades

Installing the right number of machines in the right places is a great first step—but that doesn’t mean you can “set it and forget it.” After all, print technology evolves just like most technologies do.

Too often, we see law firms working with extremely outdated printers, copiers, and scanners. By working with a managed print partner, your devices will be proactively upgraded.

No more wasting precious time on calling a repair tech to fix that constantly jamming 10-year-old printer. Instead, your MPS provider will replace outdated machines before they start causing headaches.


4. Reduced IT Tickets

IT professionals are busy in any industry—but this is especially true in law firms. It’s critical for technical operations to run smoothly. From the CIO to the help desk, every laptop, iPad, and cell phone must work impeccably. Even the smallest malfunction can equal disaster in the courtroom.

With such high stakes, dealing with standard printer woes like paper jams or ink supplies will probably land low on your team’s ideal priority list. Thankfully, an MPS partner can keep your machines functioning so you can focus on supporting your busy legal team rather than fixing machines, ordering toner, or replacing cartridges.

5. Increased Security

Security. Security. Security. It’s a top priority for every law firm. Just consider how much confidential information passes through a company’s network every day. However, even experienced IT leaders often overlook printers, scanners, and copiers when securing their networks—even though it’s a favorite break-in point for many hackers.

First off, ensure every device can be secured. Outdated printers simply don’t have the safeguard features modern systems do. Instead, by using the latest firmware and technology, your office devices can easily be protected against serious threats. By trading in older devices for new ones, you’ll instantly boost your firm’s security.

Then, once all secure machines have been installed, law firms must protect their network by consistently updating their printer’s security systems. Unfortunately, hackers continually find new ways to infiltrate valuable information. This means companies must stay one step ahead through cutting-edge security technology.

Thankfully, law firms can partner with a reliable managed print service. With a team dedicated to supporting your print needs not just today—but into the future—your own team can focus on the important legal work you perform every day.

Ready to learn more about how a strong managed print strategy can help your law firm save time and money? We’d love to connect with you! Schedule a 15-minute, no-pressure call with imageOne today!

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